KEBS Unveils New Standards Set To Boost Businesses

  • The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) on Friday, February 26 approved new standards to guide businesses that sell packaged and wrapped products. 

    The new standard issued by KEBS specifies requirements for the use and testing of Kraft papers which is used in packing greasy and oily food.

    Through a press release, KEBS indicated that the new packaging paper is good for dry food such as sugar and flour, bread bags, grocery bags, wrappings, and laminates.

    Sample of Kraft papers used for wrapping which KEBS has approved its new standards

    The guidelines give dimensional requirement for grease or oil resistance, pH, cobb, limits of heavy metals and organic contaminants, microbiological requirements to be used by the packaging manufacturers. 

    “Kraft paper is recommended for eco-friendly packaging as they are made from biodegradable, recyclable material to help reduce waste and conserve the environment,” KEBS managing director Bernard Njiraini said.

    He also added that globally, Kraft paper is used for many industrial and commercial applications including packing, wrapping individual items, bundling and void fill.

    Kraft paper is also used in paper sacks for industrial materials such as cement and chemicals, flour and food bags at the grocery stores, multiwall sacks, envelopes, paper bags, corrugated layered cardboard, among others.

    The MD noted that local, standards will beneficial to manufacturers of food products, fast food outlets, and paper converters and the standard enforcement agency. 

    The new guidelines have introduced the quality of water that meant to be used in pre-mixing and a methodology to help detect substandard products in the market. 

    Another Kenya Standard identified KS 2927:2021 specifies the requirements and methods of testing samples for sodium bicarbonate traded used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, and the household was also approved.

    KEBS has been finding it challenging to have a universal way of discerning the quality of wrapping materials used by businesses. 

    Through these new standards, Njiraini said they will be able to handle the health effects that are associated with low-quality packaging. 

    An image of KEBS offices
    A file image of the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) offices in Kisumu.

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