Karma strikes Hon Danstan Mungatana, he insulted Raila, messed up so many women, its payback time !

Karma strikes Hon Danstan Mungatana, he insulted Raila, messed up so many women, its payback time !

By Gordon Opiyo

Tears that Tear
Sorry, if I keep repeating this. But every time I see some of these public figures disintegrate I will always remind you of my pet subject…… “Never Joke With Tears Of Your Wife”

You take someone’s daughter, you get her in her youthful bubbly beauty. She gives birth to cute babies. She invests emotionally, psychologically, Economically, socially and everythingcally on the relationship. You get wealthy… You get cash money…..
Then you start sleeping around. You start treating her like a useless, used Rag, you see her like an old useless thing, you say “ame chapa”
You run around with another set of bubbly beautiful young girls….. And the wife of your youth is crying…..
My friend, the thunder that will hit you!!!!!!! The blow that life will give you!!!!!!!

These Tears Tear.
Men (and women too) never joke with this issue
This week, Dunson Mungatana was arrested yet again. He was suspected to have been involved in a KDF con game….
The man has been a walking shame.
He was once seen as the future of Kenyan leaders. He was the shining star during the Kibaki Era.
He was the politician that got ladies talking….
But nowadays, he is a walking shame.

Mungatana was an active member of the JCC Mombasa, around the time I was teaching German in Mombasa between 94 and 96…and they had a wonderful family with his fellow lawyer wife Violet Wairimu…
They had a law firm together and they were the couple to be admired as they came to worship.

Like it happens to many Law Firms, I think they hit a jackpot and landed a multi million deal or case, and pesa ika ingia…. Real cash…
Like a man possessed, Dunson Mungatana changed……
He stopped going to the place of worship, and became busy with his political job as MP and Assistant Minister…
However, he was better known for strings of affairs and relationships…. Wairimu, on the other hand remained heartbroken, and hurt, but stoically weathered the storm, the shame of seeing the former senior Church member move from relationship to another.. She died a couple of years ago…..
She was the pillar of law firm, and probably brought the multi million shilling business…. She worked hard to make her man a success and in return, she got deep heartbreak..

Some things are truly painful…..
Why I’m I using this particular couple? Because this thing keeps getting repeated again and again.
It is like men never understand….
Let me assure you… And I’m speaking from my own, my very personal experience… I’m speaking from what I have observed in the past 2 decades…. I have a very long list of men who have seen that Tears Tear Terribly….

Guys, never ever ever ever ever let your Wife cry… I mean those deep secret tears… The tears that come from the heart. She may be smiling and looking strong.. But deep down, she is crying. Deep down, she is suffering…

There are few things that I can promise you with 100% certainty…. This is one of them:you will not go far……. You will come crashing…
You will collapse. You will be eating shame in the morning and ignominy in the evening….. Even if you are who…. Ata kama wewe ni Nani…. Kata in Ng’a…

You will see fire…

If you are reading this, and you are making your wife cry secret tears… Quickly turn back, quickly go back, quickly go and wipe those tears before you see your tearing.
Do that, and go back… . .. Even if she acts that she doesn’t want you, try and try again…….. make sure that you do your best not to let someone’s daughter cry.

Karma strikes Hon Danstan Mungatana, he insulted Raila, messed up so many women, its payback time !


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