K24 Sacked Me While My Wife Was Pregnant – Story of Inooro TV Star

  • Renowned activist Martin Luther King Junior once said that in life we must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.

    The adage is true in the story of Inooro TV news anchor Njoroge wa Githinji, who went through turbulent times before landing a leading role at Royal Media Services. 

    Speaking on Kenya Diaspora Media, the journalist entailed how he got fired at Mediamax while his wife was four months pregnant.

    Inooro TV studios at Royal Media Services

    At the time, he had worked at K24 for eight months before ultimately being fired in 2013.

    “We were sacked from K24 in 2013, it’s good to clear the air that I was sacked. On that day, I was aggrieved since I knew It was inevitable through my connections. I knew the following day that I would be axed.”

    “At the time I strolled to Fig Tree, Ngara and sat there wondering what would be my next move,” he stated pointing out that his mind was fixated on how he would juggle between taking care of his family and looking for a suitable job.

    His wife, however, urged him to utilise the opportunity and go back to school.

    He had finished his Diploma in Public Relations at a Nairobi college and sought to enrol for a degree in journalism at the Kenya Methodist University.

    Months later, on the day his wife gave birth, he received a call from Nation Media Group to go for an interview for hosting a sports show, Mwanaspoti at QTV.

    “I got the job and got the chance to work alongside Joshua Makori as a co-host. The contract however ended that year in December,” he stated.

    The news anchor stated how he also got a chance to do sports at Ebru TV for a short time while still studying part-time at KEMU.

    While at Ebru TV, his friend informed him that RMS was opening a new vernacular station dubbed Inooro TV, and encouraged him to apply.

    Taking heed of his friend’s advice, Githinji applied for the position of sports editor. The journalist noted that he got picked but was instead given the role of a TV host for a brand new show, Inooro Ruciini.

    Githinji was at first hesitant to accept the role since his passion was in sports and not political-based affairs.

    He, however, took up the role and got to work alongside Kamau Kang’ethe, whom he knew at his time at Kameme FM.

    Years later, they recently celebrated six years since the show’s inception.

    Inooro TV anchor Kamau wa Kang'ethe
    Inooro TV anchor Kamau wa Kang’ethe