OpinionJustice Charles Nyachae WILL NEVER SUPPORT DP Ruto, only...

Justice Charles Nyachae WILL NEVER SUPPORT DP Ruto, only spying for Uhuru and Raila


By Onyinkwa Onyakundi via FB

Beyond the irony of the fact that Charles Nyachae is as ‘dynasty’ as they come, this is a far more interesting match up than most folks realise. Yes, the Nyachaes may have never forgiven Raila and moved on from the ‘betrayal’ of 2002 when the latter bolted from a deal they had with Charles’ dad Simeon. And yes, Raila and the Nyachaes are like Paraffin and Water. But, the Nyachaes and the Kenyattas are like Paraffin and Paraffin!

And here is where it gets even more interesting. But first, we the people of Kisii County have a passionate appeal to you the people of all the other forty six Counties to keep us in your prayers as we inch closer to the 2022 elections because whenever we take a peek at the list of options available for us to pick from for our most important position ~ the Gubernatorial ~ our eyes well with tears and our hopes are shattered.

Now, the reason why William Ruto has signed Charles Nyachae is because he intends to field him for the Gubernatorial contest in Kisii County in 2022 after it became obvious that fielding Deputy Governor Joash Maangi a.k.a. ‘Emori’ would amount to the most hilarious joke ever heard in Gusii politics. Those who know, know that this is a bid ~ like the previous one ~ that will be ‘dead on arrival’ because regardless of what team a Nyachae bats for. Kisiis have for the last two decades or so had a rather strong loathing for the Nyachae name, which they have expressed resoundingly in three election cycles.

But that is besides the point. The point is that unless the Kenyattas are using Charles Nyachae in the same manner that they are using Moses Kuria as their ears and eyes in Ruto’s Kitchen, there is absolutely no way that Charles ~ or any other Nyachae for that matter ~ would team up with Ruto against Uhuru Kenyatta. I’ll explain why, but in a roundabout way, because the fact that Charles is way more ‘pedigree dynasty’ ~ if that is a bad thing ~ than even Uhuru, Gideon and Raila rolled into one needs to be aired too!

Unlike most other members of the ‘dynasty club’, for Charles Nyachae the ‘dynasticity’ doesn’t start at the Father level. It starts much higher at the Grandfather level. Charles’ Grandpa the late Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi was the first Kisii man in history to not only own horses, but to ride them too. The only other folks who owned and rode horses were the Abasongo of Bosongo. The horse was the equivalent of owning an aeroplane today!
The late Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi was also the first Kisii man in history, to not only own a car, but drive it too. The only other folks who owned and drove cars were the Abasongo of Bosongo. He was also the first Kisii man in history to not only own a Posho Mill, but to run it too. The only other folks who owned and ran Posho Mills were the Abasongo of Bosongo. The same goes fir Tractors, Lorries, Permanent houses and practically everything else that the Mzungu handed to the Abagusii.

That was his Grandpa. Unlike Uhuru and Gideon whose ‘dynasticity’ begun with their Fathers and only occurred after independence, with Charles, it begun with his Gramps, and long before independence. While Johnstone Kamau was still a village carpenter roaming the muddy paths of Ichaweri barefoot and bila underwear, Charles’ Grandpop was already on horseback ~ saddle, footrests and the works ~ grabbing swathes of land all over Gusii. At that time, Baba Gidi was picking his nose and scratching his little balls whilst herding Goats in Mogoatio!

Yes, the Kenyattas and Mois are considered the embodiment of the ‘old money club’, but the question is, how old is their money? Upon independence, it is the progeny of the Chiefs ~ the original dynasties ~ that took up all the plum jobs except the few that fell to peasants’ children. And because they occupied a higher pedestal on the social ladder such ‘hustlers’ as Johnstone Kamau and Daniel Moi, looked up to them and sought to join them on that perch.

That is precisely why Johnstone Kamau approached first Senior Chief Koinange seeking his daughter Wanjiku’s hand in marriage, and later Chief Muhoho wa Gathecha seeking his teenage daughter Ngina’s hand in marriage, just so that he would be relatives with Chiefs. This he did after earlier marrying a white British woman as his second wife. With one ‘white mzungu’ and two ‘black wazungu’ wives in his little harem, Kamau wa Ngengi was living his dream as he ticked down on the bucket list!

That is also why, whenever schools closed, he would send his kids ~ including Jayden ~ over to the highlands to live with the only ‘black mzungu’ family that existed in this neck of the woods back then. Please note that i am stating that the Kenyattas and the Nyachaes used to hang out together as close family friends from back in the day they were kids, and are still such tight buddies whose business and political ties and interests are so intertwined that when Charles joins ‘Tangatanga’, that right there is a move that has more to it than meets the eye.

That is why the Nyachaes were willing to risk and stake their name and place at the helm of Gusii leadership, in the pursuit of the political interests of the Kenyatta family ~ and the wider Kikuyu nation ~ at the expense of those of the Abagusii, which prompted the dumping of the Nyachae name by the Abagusii into the ‘Kaburi’ called ‘La Sahau’. That is also why soon after Uhuru became President and had to make some senior government appointments, all the five positions he gave to the Abagusii went to the Nyachae family, triggering an angry backlash from the Community, and hammering the very last nail onto the Nyachae political Coffin.
That is why every time you see or hear anyone suggest that Charles Nyachae is a useful addition to the Tangatanga team, the automatic and natural question that ought to follow is “Olisikia wapi?”

Justice Charles Nyachae WILL NEVER SUPPORT DP Ruto, only spying for Uhuru and Raila



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