Julie Gichuru & Other Media Stars Celebrate Father’s Day in Unique Way

Media personality Julie Gichuru and her husband Andrew.
  • As Kenyans joined the rest of the world in marking this year’s father’s day, Kenyan media stars joined their peers in showering praises for their fathers.

    Some shared their thank-you messages admitting that their parents moulded them into their current successful selves while others lauded their fathers for preparing them to tackle the hardships that life poses at every turn.

    For instance, former Citizen TV News Anchor Julie Gichuru took the opportunity to shower praises to her husband Anthony Gichuru referring to him as her simba (Lion).

    “June is a month of incredible blessings! Happy Fathers Day and birthday month to my Simba (Lion). Happy Birthday month also to our eldest it seems just like yesterday and look where we are today!

    Media personality Julie Gichuru and her husband Andrew.

    “So thankful for you both. So thankful and so so blessed,” stated Gichuru.

    For Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris, her father aged 79 years was the first person of Greek origin to build a ship in Mombasa.

    “My father. At 79, still being able to try and lift weights and cycle, with the help of your fantastic physiotherapist Eric and nurse aide Nelly and all the family that stands with you when I can’t be there.

    “I celebrate you as being the first Kenyan of Greek origin who built a ship in Mombasa and for the many young lads you mentored as a football coach,” she noted.

    Former K24 TV anchor Rose Gakuo, on the other hand, recalled how her father cracked jokes for them and went as far as creating costumes for his family’s entertainment.

    “You Mr. D.O takes up the best role in our lives, our Dad! From the crack me up stories to date complete with sound effects and expressions (no surprise I am my father’s daughter) the long pick me up calls to say how a flower has blossomed, how beautifully a bird chirps away, or your favorite topic, politics, to grounding us all together that we may never forget family is not enough until you are inseparable friends in the good and tough times, we love you, we cherish you and you rock!” shared Gakuo.

    Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris (right) and her father
    Nairobi Woman Rep Esther Passaris (right) and her father.

    Citizen TV anchor Lulu Hassan, however, made her appreciation of her husband and co-anchor Rashid Abdalla by sharing a photo of him and their child.

    “In the pages of my life, you will always be the most wonderful chapters,” she captioned her post.

    For former Radio queen Kalekye Mumo, her father is her main man.

    “Happy Fathers Day to my number one. He is my mainest (sic) man… thank you for being such a great leader and guide dad.

    “To the dads who cared during hard times, and cheered for us in the good ones…To the men who showed us what it means to work hard and show up consistently,” she shared.

    History of father’s day

    The day was first celebrated in 1972 when US President Richard Nixon signed a declaration for it. The day was, however, first observed in 1908 by Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated it to honour her father.

    It is aimed to acknowledge the efforts and sacrifices that fathers make in the lives of their family members. It is celebrated on the third Sunday in June.

    Citizen TV News Anchor Rashid Abdalla and his sons
    Citizen TV News Anchor Rashid Abdalla and his sons.