Jubilee Senator Captured Chasing Locusts in Serikali Saidia Cry [VIDEO]

Kithure Kindiki taking part in the construction of mud-walled classrooms at Kamutuandu primary school in February, 2018.
Tharaka Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki’s latest stunts seemingly paint him as a man with either no sense of irony or a great sense of humour.

From his moment in 2018 launching the infamous mud-walled classrooms, Kindiki is back undeterred, this time spending his senator wages scaring off locusts in his backyard.

Farmers, who have been driven to desperation by the plague, have resorted to beating anything and everything in the hope that the noise will send the locusts back to whence they came – and Kindiki has joined in as seen in a video published online on Sunday, February 9.

Kithure Kindiki (in white) taking part in the construction of mud-walled classrooms at Kamutuandu Primary School in February 2018.

Clad in a formal trouser, a short-sleeved shirt and a baseball hat, the senator is seen joining agitated residents desperately employing rudimentary tactics to deal with the gluttonous locusts. 

The law professor is armed with what appears to be a repurposed motorcycle mudguard that he beats repeatedly with a metal rod mimicking what the residents have been doing for days, albeit, with less zeal.

After getting a taste of what exactly his residents have been going through, he leaves the fields to address the press with an urgent appeal to the national government.

“We are asking that the government of Tharaka Nithi to joins hand with the national government to increase the number of planes so they can be used to spray the locusts as well as their eggs.”

The locusts, that invaded came into the country in December 2019 have been in 15 counties including Mandera, Wajir, Marsabit, Garissa, Isiolo, Meru, Samburu, Laikipia, Machakos, Baringo, and Kitui.

The most recent sighting being in Kajiado County, according to media reports Saturday, February 8.

A report by The Standard on Monday, February 3, held that the government has been tackling the menace through nine planes, five which are fixed-wing and four helicopters which spray chemicals against the plague. 

Cyrus Oguna, the government spokesman, who spoke to the publication stated that the situation was under control.

“Since the destructive insects struck in December last year, the government, through Desert Locust Control Organisation, has increased the fleet of aircraft being used in fighting the locusts from two to a total of nine currently.”

Below is a video of Kindiki battling locusts.


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