Jubilee must break,Raila goes offensive on DP Ruto

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Image result for raila vs ruto

The battle lines are getting drawn as political formations for Deputy President William Ruto and opposition leader Raila Odinga begin to emerge.

Raila too has gone on the offensive and on Friday, he made a political statement in the guise of popularising the Building Bridges Initiative report.The ODM leader in a show of might at Kisii Stadium brought together 14 governors and 78 MPs among other leaders. Dr Ruto seems to have thrown caution to the winds and appears to be using a new script with his eyes trained on 2022.

Raila was in his element at the meeting that has now sent tongues wagging over his possible candidature in the General Election.

Although elections are two years away, Ruto is taking nothing to chance and is thoroughly planning his presidential bid but what is notable is that he is crafting an image of being his own man, away from the shadow of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.Having probably given up on a possible endorsement by President Kenyatta, the DP has decided to go flat out and solidify his political base.

however DP Rutos tribulations  appear to be piling up , after it emerged that he was denied access to his official residence in Mombasa.

A report by the Sunday Nation says that Ruto arrived in Mombasa at mid-morning on Wednesday and proceeded to attend to his scheduled business of the day.In the evening, he was scheduled to spend the night at the newly-refurbished former Coast Provincial Commissioner’s official residence.

The house was converted to the DP’s official house in a bid to cut costs when the DP travels to the coast region.
In the evening, at around 4pm, he retreated to the residence, where he found staff packing his personal belongings, which had been lodged there earlier in the day in anticipation that he would spend the night there.

In addition the Daily publisher says ,the DP was taken aback by the turn of events and, upon further inquiry, he was told that government staff had received instructions to remove Mr Ruto’s personal effects from the house.
“His personal clothes and other personal belongings had already been put in various rooms. It is essentially a home and, therefore, his personal effects were in place that morning. Around 4pm, a call came from a senior government official to the government employees there that all the DP’s personal effects should be removed. It was shocker,” The Daily Nation quoted
Mr Ruto was forced to look for accommodation at English Point Marina in Nyali, where he spent the night. He came back to Nairobi the following day.

The trouble befalling DP william Ruto clearly now indicates that the race to clinch power in 2022 is not a walk in the park,with now Raila Odinga guns ablaze ,enjoying a backing of around 20 governors and over 70 MP’s.With the NASA coalition termed dead ,Odinga is key to have Jubilee disbanded to put room for a neutral playground come 2022.

Source: kenyagist.COM