Journalists Beaten Up While Unmasking Rogue Landlord

Journalists docked at a media center while covering an event.
  • Kiambu-based journalists were attacked in Kabete constituency by a landlord and his family after their five-story apartment that was under construction collapsed. 

    The incident left one part of the building hanging thus endangered the lives of the landlord’s neighbours. 

    The journalists, who were on assignment filming the whole ordeal, were approached by the family members who lashed out at them.

    Journalists docked at a media centre while covering an event.

    They sought the journalists to leave the premises and tried to grab part of the equipment but the scribes got into a scuffle with them.

    The family proceeded to land heavy blows on the journalists who tried to scamper for safety. Fortunately, police officers rushed in to calm the situation.

    “Why are they attacking us?” one journalist could be heard asking.

    Journalists have been at the receiving end of attacks in the recent past while carrying out their assignments. 

    On Saturday, April 24, police officers beat and injured nine journalists in Embu County who were covering a story on evictions of families from a disputed land.

    Among the journalists injured included KTN reporter Daniel Moige and cameraman Muriithi Mugo. The reporters were soon detained by the police.

    After their release a few days later, one of the scribes narrated the ordeal to Citizen TV citing harassment from the police officers.

    “As journalists, it was a bad incident. We were beaten senseless at that time. This is the second incident here in Embu County still covering the same issue. Journalists being assaulted by police in uniform.

    “This should come to a stop and should not happen again to journalists in this country,” the scribes explained.

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

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