Joho Signs Ksh144 Million Deal

UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriot arriving at Governor Hassan Joho
  • Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has partnered with the UK to provide Ksh114 million to vulnerable communities and families in Mombasa. 

    According to a press release sent to, UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott held talks with Governor Joho on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at his office.

    The targeted 10,000 families will receive the money directly through mobile cash transfers to help  them take care of pressing needs such as rent, purchasing food and other basic items.

    UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott arriving at Governor Hassan Joho’s office on September 8, 2020

    “I can’t thank the UK Government and the British people enough for this kind gesture. It’s not just about philanthropy but more to do with humanity. This means alot to the people of Mombasa and the country at large. 

    “The devastation occasioned on the world economy by the COVID-19 pandemic, can amongst many other things be mitigated through initiatives meant to resuscitate the economies at the grassroots,†Joho stated. 

    The high commissioner visited the Tudor Muoroto informal settlement to see first-hand the potential beneficiaries of the cash transfer program.

    She also met with coastal governors, and young entrepreneurs, to hear about the UK and Kenya’s thriving partnership on tech and innovation.

    UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriot during a tour of Tudor Muoroto slums on September 8, 2020
    UK High Commissioner to Kenya Jane Marriott during a tour of Tudor Muoroto slums on September 8, 2020

    “This support will also stimulate the wider local economy as most of the basic items are supplied by small business owners living within their communities.

    “It’s great to be back in Mombasa! I’m excited to be able to travel around Kenya once again to hear about our partnerships across the country. We have a fantastic and longstanding relationship with Mombasa, which I was delighted to reaffirm with Governor Joho,” Ambassador Marriott stated.

    The Public Finance Management Act, 2012 explains that a county government or county government entity may receive a grant or donation from a development partner. 

    However, in the case of Mombasa, the cash donations shall be shared directly with the beneficiaries through mobile money.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta had also announced direct cash transfers to vulnerable Kenyans in May 2020 to lock out cartels.

    For a long time, the government had been distributing foodstuff and cash through third parties. 

    The president noted that previously, middlemen would take advantage of the bureaucracy and long supply chain to rob worthy beneficiaries of their fair share of government donations.

    “We had to change this method of support delivery by leveraging on technology through cash transfers directly to the families. This way we have by-passed brokers and cartels,†he explained.


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