Job Promotion That Saved Citizen TV Anchor From Resigning

Sports anchor Bernard Ndong' at Citizen TV studio
  • Citizen TV anchor Benard Ndong’ almost gave up a career in media but his breakthrough came just before he resigned from Royal Media Services (RMS). 

    Ndong’ started his internship at state-owned KBC where he failed to secure a permanent job due to his appearance at the time. 

    It’s then that he learned the importance of one’s physical appearance, especially in media. 

    Sports anchor Bernard Ndong’ at Citizen TV studio

    The anchor tried his chance at KTN by registering for the first season of The Presenter show. 

    Unfortunately, he froze during one of the performances and the panel told him to try his luck elsewhere. 

    Janet Mbugua was part of the team interviewing contestants for The Presenter. The two would later meet at RMS.

    Bernard’s efforts to join NTV also failed despite having a contact at the station.  

    After his graduation, he got an offer at Royal Media Service to join Mulembe FM as a salesperson. 

    He was hesitant but Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja who was his friend at the time encouraged him to give it a shot. 

    “Dress like an anchor, talk like an anchor and walk like an anchor,†Sakaja advised him, explaining the importance of appearance despite being called for a sales job.

    Months later, an opportunity opened up and Citizen TV was looking for a sports anchor. 

    Ndong’ decided to give it a shot and go for a screen test, whose feedback took longer than he expected. 

    He had promised himself that if it did not go through he would give up looking for an anchoring job.

    One day while he was typing his resignation letter at a cyber cafe, Mike Okinyi called him to share the good news that he had earned a promotion to become a sports anchor at the giant media company. 

    Media personalities Bernard Ndong' and Mike Okinyi attending a sports function in October 28, 2018
    Media personalities Bernard Ndong’ and Mike Okinyi attending a sports function on October 28, 2018
    Bernard Ndong’

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