Jeff Koinange Takes Swipe at Moi and Wanjigi

Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange speaks to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi at their alma mater.

St Mary’s School on Friday, October 11, celebrated 80 years since its establishment. The ceremony boasted  a number of notable names in Kenya.

Jeff Koinange, an alumnus and the MC, gave the audience a moment to contemplate and laugh when he took banter to Gideon Moi the Baringo senator and son of former president Daniel Moi as well as billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi.

When introducing Gideon to the crowd, Jeff stated, “Speaking of years, there is a senator here, all the way from Baringo County, future….(clears throat)” This evoked excitement from the crowd.

Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange speaks to Baringo Senator Gideon Moi at their alma mater.

The famed JKLive host did not stop there. Jeff sat next to Gideon Moi and threw shade at the Baringo senator’s most memorable moments in school.

“Give us your most memorable moment in school apart from your father being the guest of honour at prize-giving,” Jeff posed. Laughing, the Baringo senator mentioned having fun with his friends, Conrad, Peter Kinyua, Eric Mungai and Jimmy Wanjigi as his most memorable moments.

“Any future plans?” Jeff asked Senator Moi who quickly laughed it off. The news anchor went on to insist, “Just between you and me, they are not listening, what are your future plans?”

“Nothing yet.” Gideon Moi remarked.

Standing up, Jeff gave the crowd an interpretation of what he thought the Baringo senator meant by “nothing yet.”

“Senator Gideon Moi ladies and gentlemen. When he says no future plans, he means stay tuned. Big announcement coming soon,” he proclaimed.

As if a swipe at Senator Moi was not enough, Jeff turned to Wanjigi. 

“The entire GDP of this country is in this quadrangle, and am not talking about Jimmy Wanjigi. That’s an entire GDP on its own.

“Jimmy is texting his lawyer, this troublemaker is back” joked Jeff before he went on to introduce the billionaire.

Later on, the Citizen TV news anchor went back to making fun of Gideon but alluding that the institution could be honoured to have another alumnus as the head of state apart from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He stretched his hand to the crowd as if searching for something and momentarily pointed towards the Baringo senator. 

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