It is now clear, DP Ruto will fall, will be political skeleton by 2022

Uhuru DP Ruto are friends, very close when Cameras are rolling, in private they hate each other

By Kiberenge Jnr

Listening to WSR and his clique of sympathizers frothing at the sides of their mouth, shouting and bashing Raila, I get the feeling that he has been outsmarted and cornered completely. Where I come from they say a really bull dies with grass in its mouth. His sad disintegration is not a matter of debate. What is debatable, however, is if he will sustain the momentum by clutching on straws, diversion tactics and weeping sympathies.

In our political history, no politician has ever exhibited the sense of entitlement to the Presidency or heir apparent mentality than WSR. Sense of entitlement and heir apparent mentality is a dangerous approach for anybody seeking power any where in the world.Its even more dangerous when exhibited four years to an election.

Again, I wonder whether the strategy of consistently demonizing, painting and profiling Raila as the enemy will work for tangatanga. What I know for sure is that demonizing Raila has always worked in his favor.

In a futile bid to console themselves, the tangatangas have continuously suggested that Uhuru may be plotting to use Raila to achieve his legacy then short change him. Short changing him on what is what they have never told us. Did we ever hear Uhuru declaring ‘yangu kumi ya Raila kumi’? NO. The reality is that Raila loses nothing if he parts with Uhuru today. I mean completely nothing. Raila doesn’t need any political support from Uhuru. Its Uhuru who needs Raila for legitimacy, conducive environment to combat corruption and achieve his legacy.

Unfortunately or fortunately Jubilee must disintegrate for three major reasons:

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First, you cannot fight corruption without fighting Jubilee because corruption is the foundation upon which the party was founded. The President knows this. In essence and bold words, you cannot fight corruption without fighting WSR. The two are like siamese twins joined at the hip. You cannot discuss corruption without mentioning WSR. In fact, the word corRUpTiOn has RUTO in it.

If the President is willing, as he has demonstrated, to correct the sins that were committed during his tenure, then WSR will not be spared. That is why the DP is running halter skelter in rallies and churches, weeping sympathy. Unfortunately for him, Kenya’s well of sympathy dried long time ago. Flashing the tribal card as immunity against economic crimes laws does not work now days. The DPP Hajji easily dismantled the narrative of ‘jamii yetu inalengwa’ by compromising his professional ethos to make public statics of prosecutions and ongoing investigations where Kikuyus were leading at 141, followed by Luos at 56. We have not heard any Kikuyu saying ‘jamii yetu inalengwa’, neither have we heard Luos saying the same.

The second reason why Jubilee must disintegrate is that traditionally since the advent of multipartism, Kikuyus have never gone into an election with a party they used in a previous election. In football betting, the so called ‘investors’ will study the history of two sides before they can correctly predict the outcome of the next meeting. Towards 2007, Kikuyus abandoned NARC leaving Ngilu with a shell of the Party. In 2012, they abandoned PNU leaving Saitoti with the papers of the party. History must repeat itself. They will as well abandon Jubilee, WSR will retain it if he insists and it will be reduced to a moribund Kalenjin outfit like URP. Note that i did not say ‘Rift Valley outfit’ because the region is too large with vastness of other communities who have a history of diversity in their political orientations.

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The third reason why Jubilee will die emanates from the 2017 shambolic nominations whose wounds have refused to heal. WSR personally presided over the nominations where he made sure that those he had marked as enemies to his quest never got nomination tickets. He systematically shunted them out like pawns. In doing this, he created more dangerous enemies inside than those who are out. We all remember seing former Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua peeping through the grilled gates of Jubilee house in Pangani and openly shading tears while WSR was inside the building running the show. Mbugua is now the State House Comptroller- a strategic vantage position of disseminating swift and sweat revenge.

Some people have even gone ahead to ignorantly draw comparisons between Moi in 1978 and WSR now. They have suggested that the WSR of today is the version of Moi in 1978. In 1978, there was a clique of powerful Mt Kenya mafia who plotted to block Moi from succeeding Mzee Jomo Kenyatt. But the propagators of this line of thought deliberately ignore some critical facts. Moi, unlike WSR, pretended to be a harmless and humble puppet of the mafia. He never exhibited ambition or greed for power. Neither did he ever propagate a sense of entitlement to the thrown.It is his harmless, humble demeanor that finally earned him the Presidency/
For WSR, its too near yet too far.

My friend Herman Bond Manyora hope you are reading


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