IPOA Takes Action After Police Injure Journalist in Viral Video

An image of a police officer assaulting a motorist
  • The Independent Police Oversight Authority has launched investigations into an incident where police officers were captured on camera assaulting a motorist before turning to KBC journalist Simon Ben.

    According to a statement issued by IPOA on Saturday, December 26, the probe will establish whether the officers were culpable of not. 

    “Consequently, IPOA on its own motion has this afternoon launched investigations into the assault and injury of the two people. 

    A police officer assaulting a motorist along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway on Friday 25 December 2020.

    “In the course of investigations, if culpability is found or further misconduct established, the authority will make appropriate recommendations against the police officers to the Director of Public Prosecutions, the National Police Service, the National Police Service Commission or any other state agency,†the document read. 

    The oversight body also issued a set of guidelines which should be followed by police officers in regards to the use of force.

    “A police officer shall always attempt to use non-violent means first. The force used shall be proportional to the objective to be achieved, the seriousness of the offence, and the resistance of the person against whom it is used,†the guidelines stated.

    When the use of force results in injuries the police officers present are required to provide medical assistance immediately and unless there are good reasons, failing to do so is regarded as a criminal offence. 

    A police officer who uses any form of force is supposed to immediately report to his or her superior. 

    Any use of force that leads to death, serious injury and other grave consequences should be reported immediately to the Independent Police Oversight Authority. 

    Officers are advised that following the orders of their superior is not an excuse for unlawful use of force.

    In the same breath, Police Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai has warned the public against assaulting officers in uniform.

    More than three journalists have been assaulted by police officers in just three days. 


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