Inspekta Mwala Actor Goes Missing

Bonventure Wangara popularly known as Wangara
  • Inspekta Mwala actor Bonventure Wangara who portrayed the character of Ngure in the Citizen TV show has been reported missing.

    Speaking to, his brother Chris explained that he was last seen in the Athi River area at his home before he disappeared.

    Wangara allegedly went missing on Wednesday, May 19 and those who last saw him did not notice anything out of the ordinary with the 37-year old.

    “We have reported the matter to the police and got an O.B number and are hoping to find him by sharing the information on social media,” the actor’s brother explained.

    Bonventure Wangara popularly known as Wangara was reported missing.

    Ngure was among the junior police officers in the Inspector Mwala crew.

    In the show, he adopts his comical character and teams up with the rest of the junior police officers causing trouble while at the same time dealing with cases brought at the Kona Mbaya police station.

    Inspekta Mwala was one of the shows that remained in production when Citizen TV revised its shows’ schedules.

    “The position was that with COVID we went slow on production to avoid putting our actors in danger. It is not that it was stopped we went on a slow production. The only way to sustain the show was to go to classics.

    Inspekta Mwala is because of law enforcement and to start awareness about Covid-19. If People are going to be arrested for not wearing a face mask, Inspekta Mwala was the best show to depict that,” a producer of the show explained. 

    Social media has proved a useful tool in getting the word out there in the event a matter requires a larger capacity to handle.

    Kenyans have taken to using the platform to make appeals for missing persons as well as medical appeals with the hope of reaching as many people as possible for assistance.

    Law enforcement agencies have also resorted to asking residents to share information that can assist in solving cases and crimes.

    Inspekta Mwala cast during the past
    Inspekta Mwala cast during a past photoshoot

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