Impressive Young Lawyers From BBI Case

Christian Andole During His Submission to the Court of Appeal
  • Impressive young lawyers have stood out at the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Court of Appeal case hearing that started on Tuesday, June 29.

    The four-day hearing has attracted legal duels between seasoned lawyers like Siaya Senator James Orengo, Tharaka – Nithi Senator Kithure Kindiki, Rarieda MP Otiende Omollo and lawyer John Khaminwa.

    But there is a crop of young and ambitious young lawyers who are making a name for themselves. They are cutting their teeth and elevating their stock as they go up against the most prestigious and seasoned lawyers of our times. These young lawyers include Christian Andole, Esther Ang’awa, and Elias Mutuma.

    Below we take a look at just who they are beyond just having their names appear on the media about the BBI Appeal hearing.

    Christian Andole 

    Christian Andole During His Submission to the Court of Appeal

    Andole is a legal associate at professor Mumma and Company advocates. He was admitted to the bar in 2021.

    The Mang’u High School alumnus describes himself as having ‘ a good grasp of law on matters intellectual property, technology, commercial law, and constitutional law.’

    In his submission, Andole urged the seven-judge bench to order President Uhuru Kenyatta to personally refund the taxpayers’ money allegedly used to bankroll the BBI process.

    Andole is representing Morara Omoke, who filed a cross-appeal against a section of the High Court that was delivered in May.

    Esther Ang’awa

    Esther Ang'awa during previous event
    Esther Ang’awa during previous event

    Esther Ang’awa an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya who runs her own firm known as Ang’awa and Company Advocates.

    According to her social media profiles, she describes herself as having a ‘passion for community development with a specific focus on programs targeting youth, women, and children.’

    She teamed up with the Law Society President Nelson Havi to poke holes in the BBI process specifically the public participation bit. 

    “Civic education may have been made a fancy affair by NGOs and the civil society but it is more than that. If these provisions on referendum submitted by the commission should apply, I see no reason why the appellants have a problem with the finding of the superior court,†she stated.

    Elias Mutuma 

    Elias Mutuma during his past interview
    Elias Mutuma during his past interview

    Mutuma is a founding partner of Mutuma Gichuru and Associates Advocates. The firm majorly focuses on civil and commercial litigations relating to both remedial and safeguard measures.

    Mutuma appeared in court representing the Thirdway Alliance. 

    In his argument before the court, he stated President Uhuru did not have the powers to initiate the popular initiative while still in power. He told the court that President Uhuru should have relinquished his powers before initiating the process.

    “When the President was going to Hague in 2014 he stripped himself of power and appointed his deputy as the President. He was received as a normal citizen. He should do the same if he wants to initiate a popular initiative.â€

    The seven-judge bench is expected to deliver the final ruling on August 20, 2021, on the full submission presented.