Impeached Governor Ejected From Matiang’i Meeting

Wajir County Government headquarters
  • Impeached Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi Mohamud was on Wednesday, June 30, ejected from a meeting led by Interior CS Fred Matiang’i.

    The meeting was between county governors and Matiang’i’s National Development implementation and communication cabinet committee (NDICC).

    The recently ousted county boss was forced to leave the sitting after organisers learnt that Wajir County was represented by two governors in the caucus.

    At the onset of the meeting, both Mohamud and Ahmed Ali Mukhtar (current governor) arose to introduce themselves as the bosses when it was time to recognize Wajir County representation.

    Wajir County Government headquarters

    Police officers were instructed to eject the embattled county boss from the room. He, however, calmly left the Kenya School of Government premises where the meeting was being held. 

    Muktar protested that his seat had been taken by the Governor which ultimately led to Mohamud’s unconditional removal.

    The happenings at the Kenya School of Government was a manifestation of a power struggle in Wajir County. 

    Earlier this year, 25 out of the 47 senators voted for Governor Mohamud’s removal after he was found guilty of gross violation of the Constitution.

    In addition, he was found guilty of gross violation of the County Governments Act, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act and the Public Finance Management Act.

    Mukhtar was later sworn in as the third governor of Wajir County. Shortly after the ceremony that took place at the Wajir County headquarters, the High Court in Meru issued orders suspending Mohamud’s removal and impeachment. 

    Newly sworn in Wajir Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar
    Newly sworn in Wajir Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar

    Upon taking office Mukhtar stated that he would in his term prioritize water, health and education in his jurisdiction. He promised to meet union officials and address their concerns.

    “I will personally desist elements of hate, nepotism and skewed resource allocation. The people of Wajir are the same and so they deserve to be treated equally,†Mukhtar stated.