Ignore Dr William Ruto at your own risk

Ignore Dr William Ruto at your own risk

By Dr. Onyango Ochieng Jr

On this cyberspace, allow me to defend this man on this beautiful Saturday.

There are arguments that William Ruto is setting up a brainwashed cult. That argument is baseless. I will leave it there!

One open fact is that Politics is not a Sunday Service at the local church. This game is high-octane, the environment is highly fluid. Any ratings are elastic. When you sleep with both your eyes closed; it’s over!

Before any leader touches a HAND, as behavioral scientist John C. maxwell argued “he must the HEART”. That is why Musalia is going around talking endlessly like a drunkard about the Luhyia alliance.

Since I was born, I never heard any meeting about Luo Alliance; Kisii Alliance; Kikuyu Alliance; Kamba Alliance! Even the days of Jesus, I never heard about any meeting to discuss Jewish Alliance or even Judaist alliance from the tribe Jesus came from.

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At the height of the French revolution or during its many wars, I never ever heard about French Alliance meetings.

Ruto has touched the heart of his supporters. We need brand loyalty, brand advocates; the same that Raila and Uhuru enjoy piously.

Let’s learn to give credit friends.

This is even good, we shall reduce the presidential contest to ONLY 3 or 4 serious candidates.

Ignore Dr William Ruto at your own risk


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