If DP Ruto wins 2022, the first people he will revenge on is Kenyatta and Moi families, vengeful man

If DP Ruto wins 2022, the first people he will revenge on is Kenyatta and Moi families, vengeful man

By Khalif Goodman and G Opiyo

We have seen Ruto in the opposition. We have seen him in government. If there is any one constant thing about him, it’s his unyielding quest to get to power the means notwithstanding.

Another thing that’s constant about him- and which Uhuru should be worried about- is his ability to revenge on his ‘betrayers’ and reduce them to his juniors in politics.

When he was chased out of ODM, it was because of the alleged maize scandal. He came back bigger and better-as the DP of Kenya. If he is chased out of Jubilee, again on corruption allegations, he will come back bigger and better- probably as the President.

Unless Uhuru has a concrete plan to undermine the DP’s succession quest, he will rue his decision to ostracize his ICC-mate. Ruto has mastered the tactic of political defense, or counter attack.

San Tzu says, “The general who is skilled in defense hides in the most secret recesses of the earth; he who is skilled in attack flashes forth from the topmost heights of heaven. Thus on the one hand we have ability to protect ourselves; on the other, a victory that is complete.”

Don’t be fooled by Ruto’s continued ‘respect’ for Uhuru. He knows it’s not the right time to rebel and burn down the bridge. When the time comes, the bridges Raila and Uhuru built will be in a conflagration.

Friendly advise to Ruto…. Many Kenyans wish you well, especially if the Alternative is a Kenyatta project.
However, you must be extra cautious.

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The KANU Rebellion against Moi succeeded just because it was 4 months to elections.
You cannot sustain an all out war with the President, who holds the levers of POWER for more than 6 months.

Don’t be cheated by the ” success ” of Raila. Raila has been a State Agent from the 1990s. He is propped by the Powers that Be to fool people that there is an Opposition.

Now, if you really want to be effective, stop defying your Boss…at least for now.
As DP, you have absolutely no Powers, unless it is donated by your Boss. Actually, as DP, your job is to sit in the office doing nothing….. Waiting for the Constitutional Moment that requires you replacing the President.

The President can make life very very very very very very very very very hard for you. He can withdraw your security. He can lock your office. He can declare that your office be taken to Mandera, and ask you to work from Mandera.

Everything you enjoy as DP, is based on the goodwill of the President. Remember how Alfred Mutua treated his Deputy? How Sonko treated his Deputy?
The post of DP is the same.

You can be humiliated mercilessly.
The path you have taken to openly fight your boss will backfire. You should pretend to be humble.
If you continue like this, you will be crushed by the System. The System is mercilessly effective.


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