I will continue to focus on my work as you scream and complain – Uhuru tells Camp Ruto?

DP Ruto, Uhuru lose big as Senators shoot down Mt Kenya’s One Man One Vote One Shilling revenue sharing formulae

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday appeared to hit out at his deputy William Ruto after he claimmed that police have been used by the system to run political errands against their code of conduct as per Police Service Commission mandate. DP Ruto warning to the Police Commission came after three senators were dramatically arrested as Senate was debating Counties Revenue Sharing formula.

President Uhuru said he and his team were focused on working and bringing development to Kenyans across the country.

However, he decried that some leaders, whom he did not name, had chosen the path of complaining and screaming instead of working.

“Our work as leaders is not to complain but to come up with solutions. That is why I’m here with my people to deliver titles and you can now get financing and build decent houses for you and your families. You will be seeing us in Kilifi, in Tharaka Nithi and elsewhere around the country.

“These days I don’t talk much but I read newspapers and I see people complaining all over. As for me, you will recognize me by the work I do not by how much I scream. You will see my work and those who are making noises can continue,” the President said.

President Uhuru for the first time voiced support for the CRA formula that favors population as the primary consideration – popularly referred as the one man one shilling formula.

“When we talk about the Senate, it is not my formula. It came from the CRA and they recommended every person to get a fair share. Why is it that Nairobi residents are being told that they are rich yet they live in the slums and some of them use flying toilets? Truth and justice will come out,” the President added.

Nairobi County is the biggest beneficiary of the one man one shilling formula which also favors counties in Mt Kenya, Rift Valley, Western, and Nyanza region.

Ironically, Nairobi Senators Johnson Sakaja is leading the fight against the one man one shilling formula and favors one where historically marginalized counties will get more money. The comments by Uhuru contradicts Sakaja who had told media that President Uhuru was not in total support of One Man One Vote One Shilling that is being pushed by Mt Kenya leaders.

I will continue to focus on my work as you scream and complain – Uhuru tells Camp Ruto?


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