I Was at Alliance – Judge’s Comment Becomes Mother of Online Jokes

Senior Counsel Philip Murgor appearing for the CJ interviews on Friday, April 16, 2021.
  • Justice David Majanja became an internet sensation on Friday, April 16, during the interview of Senior Counsel Philip Murgor for the position of Chief Justice by the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC).

    Majanja was confirming details surrounding a 1990 case where second liberation heroes like George Anyona, Ngotho Kariuki and Edward Oyugi, were prosecuted by Murgor, when he mentioned that he was an Alliance High School alumnus.

    “I’m asking these questions because you were there and although history is documented, I was not there. In 1990, I was in form four,” Majanja stated before he remembered that he had not indicated “at the Alliance High School.”

    Senior Counsel Philip Murgor appearing for the CJ interviews on Friday, April 16, 2021.

    His sentiments led ‘Alliance’ to trend for the better part of the day with social media users alleging that most students from the school never miss an opportunity to associate with the reputable institution. 

    “In Campus, there was a guy whom we nicknamed the ‘Alliance dropout,’ owing to his annoying habits of reminding everyone that he attended Alliance High School,” Sakwah Ongoma said.

    “After you fight lawyers, vegans, Alliance alumni and black masks deep state, you have to face people who drink black coffee with no sugar,” commented Mariam Bishar.

    kenyagist.com spoke to two Alliance High School alumni who agreed that there was a sense of pride that was associated with studying at the school due to its stature and history.

    Boxraft Company CEO Robert Ndung’u, an alumnus of the school, narrated that there was a tie test that was issued in form one first term.

    New students would be questioned on the school’s culture by older students and if they passed, they would be given a tie. However, if they failed, they would have to repeat the exam.

    “Getting into the school is no mean feat and so it feels good to be associated with it. I have gotten good network connections because of studying at the school,” he said.

    On his part, Martin Siele, an alumnus and journalist, told this writer that the school formed an integral part of a student’s lives.

    “Just like any school alumni form bonds as friends, often for life, we network even in careers and this becomes part of our identity,” he divulged.

    He concluded by saying that the quality of education in the country ought to be improved so that every county can have its own ‘Alliance’ that alumni can take pride in.

    9 of the 15 members of Kenya’s independence Cabinet were former students at Alliance Student. Other notable alumni include celebrated author NgÅ©gÄ© wa Thiong’o, State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita, Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, among others. 

    A file image of the Alliance High School
    A file image of the Alliance High School

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