I want to marry at age 22 and have my family- TV actor Baha

I want to marry at age 22 and have my family- TV actor Baha

Baha has recently declared publicly, that, he is ready to settle down and have children by the age of 22. Having graced our screens since he was a child, Netizens are wondering what the rush is for.

His story…

Machachari lovers have watched Baha grow over the years. The Machachari actor has shared in the past how he started taking care of his family from the tender age of 13. Life was rough for him and his only brother. This forced them to take up parental responsibilities despite the fact they were still children themselves .Together with his brother, who is also an actor they were able to take care of their aging grandmother who was their guardian at the time after the demise of his mother who was also a Thespian in Machachari.

How Baha has evolved through the years

Although acting runs in the family, young energetic Baha does not want his significant other to be in the limelight. He wants to lead a quiet life. Having lived more than half his life in the lime light, he does not want to expose his future family through all of that.

Why the rush…

“…I need to know there is someone I am working for… if I can provide why not”

Tyler Mbaya, popularly known as Baha, has grown up to be a producer of his own content. After 13 years Machachari just ended and Baha has not been sitting and waiting. Just a day after the announcement, the upcoming producer has been working on new projects with the latest being Kamau Diaries where he keeps Kenyans entertained with short and entertaining videos on everyday life. Of all the problems Baha’s has money is not one of them.

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