I have aborted 5 times at 25, participated in devil worshipping and divorced 5 times

I have aborted 5 times at 25, participated in devil worshipping and divorced 5 times

If you thought fiction was strange, have you tried the truth?
Meet 25-year-old Cecilia Mwangi, born and raised in Njoro, Laikipia West. At only 25, she has procured five abortions- those she says she can remember- has been married four times and has engaged in the most horrid and bizarre acts in the two decades she has graced this earth.

Speaking on Tuko’s, My Story, the seemingly timid and camera-shy mother of one kept fidgeting as she narrated how two weeks after she was done with high school, she met a man and moved in together. Shortly after she fell pregnant and the ‘union’ fell into chaos.

Friends advised her to get rid of it and so she traveled to Nairobi and terminated the first pregnancy.

Then she got a job as a house help, a white man in the neighbourhood where she was working fell for her, and that marked the beginning of her rendevous with different men.

Shortly after, in 2013, she fell out with her employer and got a job as a security guard at the Nakuru Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) offices. There, she says she caught the eys of moneyed men entering the building she was manning and she would date up to three or five older men at a go.

She however met and fell in love with a younger man, began cohabiting as husband and wife, he got her pregnant and in 2016, gave birth to her daughter. The second marriage did not work out too and so she asked for a transfer to Thika in Nairobi, still as a security guard for KRA.

There, she again delved into the life of sleeping with married men for money and claims loaded men were tripping over her.

“I would go for married men. Wedding bands on a man’s finger was such a turn-on,” she coyly admits during the interview.

But her soul had a lacuna that the money and sex with these men could not fill- love. And so she kept searching, and in 2018, met her third husband and consequently, got pregnant again. The suitor this time/ Another young man she had met on Facebook.

She however lost the pregnancy after a physical confrontation with the guy. She left and resumed ‘hoering’ and got pregnant yet again. She admits to not knowing the man responsible but the first he called amongst the many she was dating gave her 5k to terminate the pregnancy.

“I bought some pills at three thousand shillings and within five hours, the pregnancy was gone.”

Ms. Mwangi was then introduced to a church where she says the pastor made her sell everything she bought or was bought for by the men she was dating and introduced her to another man in the church.

She reveals that the first night she slept with her new husband is the day she began experiencing bizarre and fetish stuff. At night, she would have sex with a strange man whose ‘manhood’ was a large, black snake.

I have aborted 5 times at 25, participated in devil worshipping and divorced 5 times


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