I caught my husband having se3 with his ex-girlfriend

I caught my husband having se3 with his ex-girlfriend

My name is Joy and I was married to my husband for two years and our second year of marriage was particularly hard after my husband started behaving oddly.

He started coming home late and whenever he came, he would be so violent, insolent and he would say he did not want me anymore. He stopped sleeping in our bedroom and whenever he came home, he was always on his phone, texting a woman who I did not know.
One night, he had come home drunk, slept in the guest room and forgot to lock the door. I heard his phone ring from my room and since he was too drunk to even hear it, I sneaked into the room where he was lying on the bed and took the phone.

On checking, a woman called Jackie was calling in the middle of the night. I picked the phone and I said hello. The woman went silent for a moment and she later asked for my husband. I told her he was mine and she should stop calling him and she threatened me saying my hubby loved her more than he loved me.
“Soon he is going to leave you and take me as his wife,” she shouted as she disconnected the call.
I was so scared after that call and I tried thinking who she was since she talked to me as if she knew me. After going through their text messages in my husband’s phone, I remembered her.
Jackie was my husband’s ex-girlfriend who he was dating before me. She was now desperately trying to break my marriage. I saw their personal messages where she was enticing my hubby with naked pictures of herself.
I cried all night knowing my marriage had minimal chances of surviving with his ex-girlfriend in the picture. I called my best friend that night and cried to her narrating how my husband was seeing Jackie and how she was trying to break my marriage.
“Do not worry, there is a way you can get to catch them in the act and be sure if they are cheating,” said my best friend.
She advised me to visit Doctor Mugwenu, a traditional herbalist who would help me net the two lovers and leave them regretting their actions. I did not understand how that worked so I decided to visit her in her house so she could accompany me to the doctor.
I left my house at 6am and I met my friend where we paid Doctor Mugwenu a visit after calling him on +254 740637248. Upon meeting the doctor, he assessed my marital problems and told me he was going to help me net the two while in action.
He performed various spells after which he told me to go home since his spells worked in very less hours. I felt at peace after meeting Doctor Mugwenu. On reaching home in the late hours of the evening, I heard wails of pain emanating from my house.
I rushed quickly and on opening the door, I found my husband and Jackie naked on top of each other. They were having sex in my sitting room when they both got stuck a few hours before and they had been in agony. They were so embarrassed when they saw me. They cried for help from me and asked me to help them.
I called Doctor Mugwenu and I told him to unstuck them which he did. My husband came to me and pleaded me to forgive him for committing adultery. We both chased out Jackie from our house and since then, we have living a very joyful married life.

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I caught my husband having se3 with his ex-girlfriend


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