I caught my husband banging my cousin on our matrimonial bed

I caught my husband banging my cousin on our matrimonial bed

My name is Jeniffer and I am 32 years old. I was married to my hubby Stephen for six years. I loved the way he appreciated my family since he loved spending time with my sisters and cousins.
One day, while in a family event, I introduced him to some new cousins and uncles whom he had not met before since our marriage. As usual, he was happy to meet them. Particularly, he kept hanging out with my cousin, Van that day. At first, I did not see a problem with them talking all through since it was first time meeting.

Weirdly, in the days that followed, my husband was speaking to Van all the time and though I found it weird, I did not want to complain because I would have seemed petty as he was interacting with family. They were always chatting on WhatsApp and calling each other.

They got so attached and I now had to question my husband on the closeness that was growing between the two. I told my husband that he was spending too much time with Van than with me and that he should not talk to her that often and he said I was being concerned over nothing.

From the day I complained to my husband over talking to Van, he toned down on the calls and the messages and I did not see or hear him talking again and I was happy he was doing that. But, he began treating me badly, insulting me and telling me Van is beautiful than me.
“I do not love you anymore! I wish I met Van before I met you because she is more beautiful and smarter than you are!” he shouted.

His words always hurt me and I was always crying. Few days later, I called my cousin and told her she was breaking my marriage. I had just called her in good faith telling her she should completely keep away from my husband. She lied that she was not speaking to him anymore.

One weekend, I went to visit my sister in her home and left my husband in our house since he was not even talking to me. I however informed him that I would be back in three days’ time. On reaching my sister’s house I found she was also preparing to leave for a convention the following morning.

So, I only stayed with her for a night where I told her all my troubles caused by Van and she told me she could help me by connecting me to Doctor Mugwenu. He is a traditional herbalist who is able to teach cheating partners painful lessons.
I told her my husband was not cheating he was just cold with me. I had not known my husband was cheating by then. The following morning at around 4 am, I went back home since my sister was leaving.
On reaching at my door step before opening the door, I heard moans coming from my bedroom through the bedroom window. On listening closer, the moans were pleasurable moans and one thing was for sure, my husband was in bed banging a woman who I did not know but I suspected was Van.
I immediately started crying and I called my sister who I told of the sex that was going on my matrimonial bed. She insisted that I call Doctor Mugwenu and teach those two cheaters a lesson.
I called Doctor Mugwenu that early morning and told him of my troubles and he told me he could perform a love spell at that time to stick the two cheaters and expose them to lots of pain and humiliation. I most definitely wanted that.
A few minutes later the two cheaters started screaming in pain with my husband saying he is stuck and Van saying she was in dire pain. All our neighbours were awoken by the noise and they all came to the bedroom where they found the netted lovers naked and glued at their genitals.
After an hour of being stuck, Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them and my husband came kneeling to me, saying he was sorry for all the mistakes and the infidelity. I forgave him. I went right into Van, who was naked, cornered in our bedroom and I slapped her for being so shameless. She left and since then, my husband loves me and treats me rightly.
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I caught my husband banging my cousin on our matrimonial bed


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