How Uhuru Intervened for Man Who Blocked His Car

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta intervened for 30-year-old Kepha Nyambane, the Nairobi man who blocked his convoy at Lucky Summer on Wednesday, May 26. 

    The father of three stated that Uhuru ordered his aides not to rough him up before being driven away. 

    “He told his bodyguards: achana na huyo kijana (leave him alone),”

    “He later promised me that we shall speak. The President shouted – ‘tutaongea, tutaongea (we shall speak later) – rolled up his car window and sped away,” Nyambane recalled while speaking to the Standard. 

    Kepher Nyambane (left) with his wife Lydia Bosibori (right) at Lucky Summer estate, Nairobi

    Prior to causing the security breach that lasted nearly 12 seconds, the Lucky Summer resident detailed that he was ready to grab Uhuru’s attention at any cost whatsoever. 

    Nyambane learnt of the President’s tour through friends and neighbours in the estate on the morning of the said day. The married man had long wished to meet Uhuru and quickly devised a way that put his life in danger. 

    His idea was to share his plight with the President and ask for a job to make ends meet. 

    “I was desperate to talk to him about my problems. I wanted to ask him to assist me to secure a job. I have three children, whom I’m unable to comfortably fend for. 

    “My sister took in one of my children. The other one was at home after being sent for school fees,” he lamented adding that he did not fear being run over by the President’s motorcade. 

    The 30-year-old does menial jobs like working at construction sites. His wife, Lydia Bosibori is a house wife and stays at home breastfeeding their one-year-old daughter. 

    He asked well-wishers to offer him job opportunities having studied computer packages. Nyambane added that he dropped out of driving school after failing to raise enough money for the required fees. 

    Nairobi Regional Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi pointed out that his officers interrogated the father of three later as protocol.

    “He was only excited, and wanted to catch the President’s attention. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong method to catch the President’s eye.

    “We did not take any legal action against him,” Nthumbi affirmed, adding that they will enhance the President’s security during public tours.


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