How to Make Extra Cash During Christmas Period

A file image of taxi drivers in Nairobi
  • During the festive season, many Kenyans usually tend to find themselves spending more than they receive. 

    This habit usually leads to many struggling financially in January. Furthermore, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to further dents in our pockets.  

    However, the Christmas period also offers a lucrative opportunity for one to venture into a few business ideas in order to make an extra coin. takes a look at a few hustles to consider in order to cash in during the festive season

    A file image of taxi drivers in Nairobi

    Lease your vehicle 

    Leasing your vehicle is a nifty way to earn extra funds during the festive season. It’s also ideal for those not traveling upcountry or can do without their car during the Christmas period.

    This could be through leasing to ride-hailing companies or even to friends at a cost.

    Provide Outside Catering

    In keeping with the festive spirit, families enjoy preparing a variety of meals in order to make merry.

    Capitalizing on this opportunity is an ideal way to earn an extra coin. Either by packaging snacks and selling them to nearby families or even go the extra mile by cooking for the families and events at a fee.

    Also, selling groceries at a car boot. Ensure you park your car where majority can spot you in order to buy your goods.

    Organise fun activities for children

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, children have been on an extended holiday period since the schools closed in March. This could be a lucrative opportunity for those looking to cash in on this venture.

    Come up with attractive fun activities to target children of different ages in order to keep them engaged and preoccupied.

    This could be either indoor game activities, or outdoor games such as skating, hiring out a bouncing castle and charging the parents on an hourly basis. 

    Become a broker 

    During this season, you can buy and sell goods on behalf of others. This means that you can become the link between the buyer and seller.

    This offers you the perfect opportunity as some sellers might be finding a hard time to get their products to the market. 

    Opt for goods and services that are in high demand especially during the festive time of the year.

    For instance you may advertise and sell chicken on behalf of a farmer at a fee. 

    Maximise on your profits by advertising on all social media platforms in order to get the word out.

    A bouncing castle.
    A bouncing castle.

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