How to deal with cheap haters like Miguna: The case of political ‘slay queen’ Pauline Njoroge


Photo: Blogger Pauline Njoroge (left) and Tourism CS Najib Balala

This morning I have been reflecting on haters and how to effectively deal with them.
And one person comes to mind, Pauline Njoroge…

There is a lot I’ve learnt from how she has handled her haters and how God has lifted her from nowhere to some serious position…
I got to know her kitambo during the TNA, URP days and we were setting up the Jubilee Social Media Cabinet….
Before, she even got anything, everyone in the group recognized her as the leader, and started calling her “Madam Chair”. There were no campaigns, but leadership was just seen in her, and every one agreed to give her the role of coordinating our activities….. Long before she got any serious job any where….

So you wonder where the hate comes from.
First thing about haters is that they will hate you, whether do something, or whether you do nothing.. Haters hate because they have a problem inside and it has nothing to do with you.

Second, and this applies to women mostly… If you work extra hard and rise… There will always be haters who claim that you”used “other means. There are haters who simply cannot believe that a woman can just work hard to emerge tops. They will always cook lies..

Third – your strongest and most lethal haters will be people you have once helped. People you have once supported. People who at one time needed help from you… This group actually forms the core of your haters. There are many people I know, that Pauline helped and connected to big offices… But later turned out to be her biggest haters… I’m sure you know people that you once stayed with, you once paid fees for, or once assisted in one way or another… But they turn out to be the biggest haters. People you brought from Oshago deep in the village, you help, waki Pata pesa kidogo, they start stories about how you are mean. Or how una Pima chakula, or many weird stories….. The same happened to Pauline.

Fourth, move on…. March ahead and block haters… Wasting time on haters has destroyed many. Wasting time reflecting on the insults, the betrayal and the shocking stories about you will get you depressed. Best thing to do is to March on, and know that haters are behind and below you… Block them, forget about them and move on.

Fifth, haters and rumor mongers may have short term victories against you. They may spread hate, and you lose a job, lose business opportunities or lose relationships… But pick up yourself,dust yourself and focus……. You will get something better.
Learn something from Pauline Njoroge, and rise up Today as you face your haters…..

By Gordon Opiyo via Facebook

How to deal with cheap haters like Miguna: The case of political ‘slay queen’ Pauline Njoroge


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