How THE SYSTEM reduced DP Ruto and Mike Sonko to political empty shells

How THE SYSTEM reduced DP Ruto and Mike Sonko to political empty shells

System Babies
Did you see Sonko subdued during the Senate grilling yesterday? That was the the once mighty Sonko, who mid last year of talking about being the President by creating a third force.

This is one reason I tell you guys not to waste your time following other people’s projects. The owners can just decide to dismantle the project, and ubaki ume pigwa na bubuwazi.

Sonko, just like Ruto, is a project of the system. They were needed to counter the influence of Raila, when he was younger and powerful… Now that Raila is headed to 80, ailing and cooperating, Ruto and Sonko are no longer needed. Ole wako if you still think that they are going anywhere.

Sonko was created after the powers that be realised that Raila was too strong in Nairobi. Fronting Kikuyu candidates was not a viable alternative. Sonko gave the powers that be a fighting chance. Problem started when he thought that he was his own man and forgot he was a project , something that he was reminded of in a violent and noisy manner spiced up by screams.

Sonko is now watching as someone else rules Nairobi.

Similar scenario with Ruto. Like Sonko, Ruto was needed most post 2007, when Raila was at the peak of power. Ruto was used to destroy Raila. He got anything he needed. He was made to feel like he was the one running the country, and Wanjohi imbibing Jameson…. Lakini it was a set up. All along, he was being played.

Without the SYSTEM, Ruto is a nobody. Without the huge amounts he dishes around, Ruto is a nobody. Without the pomp of opening and Launching Government Projects, Ruto is a nobody. Without the power to influence State tenders and appointments, Ruto will only remain with his Kalenjin backyard….
Without the system, Ruto will only watch things from Viusasa.. In fact saa zingine, even data to watch will be cut….
That is why it is extremely futile to hang on to Ruto, when he is being demolished by his creators…

Revolutionaries are never system Babies like Ruto and Sonko. They are usually outsiders
To cut a long story short… Supporting Ruto right now is like putting your hopes on Arsenal finishing top 4…. It is just living in dreamland

By Gordon Opiyo via Facebook


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