How School Feeding Programme Is Helping Keep Pupils in School

Women and children lining up for relief food in 2019.
  •  A school in Taita Taveta county has managed to maintain 100 percent class attendance after putting in place a feeding program.

    Over 50 percent of the pupils at Mwachawaza Primary School failed to report back to the institution after they went for a six week break, following the outbreak of Covid-19. 

    “When covid-19 struck and we went for the six-week break, some students completely disappeared,†the deputy school head, Col Nyambu, told the press. 

    The situation got worse, raising alarm among the teaching staff after the number of pupils attending class significantly reduced. 

    Women and children lining up for relief food in 2019.

    After scratching his head in search for a solution, the school head together with the teaching staff decided to start a feeding programme, which saw class attendance improve significantly 

    Speaking to press, Nyambu said the strategy worked wonders, with all the pupils who had dropped out, reporting back. 

    “I can confidently report, we now record 100 percent class attendance. All those children who had left came back to school,†Nyambu remarked. 

    The administrator also applauded the parents for being supportive. He mentioned that despite the tough economic times, parents have always supported the programme. 

    This, he says, has eased the burden from their end because they are able to keep the children in school, which in turn results in faster syllabus coverage. 

    One of the teachers, Herman Mwachala also noted that besides the total class attendance, the pupil’s performance has also improved. 

    “We are glad that right now, general performance has been good in our school, partly because the pupil’s are well fed and can concentrate,†Mwachala stated.

    Pupils at a class in St. Monica Primary School in TransNzoia County in January 2021
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