How Raila ended Jubilee Ruto’s ‘make believe’ lies

How Raila ended Jubilee Ruto’s ‘make believe’ lies

By Soyinka Lempaa via FB

If you read the Waki Report, two things stand out.
One is that much of the killings that were in urban centers were between the Kikuyu and the Luo communities. This is because they do not share agricultural land or borders but share slums neighbourhood in Kibera, Korogocho, Githurai, Kayore, Mathare, Baba dogo etc etc

The other is that much of the killings in rural areas were between Kalenjins and Kikuyu, Kalenjins and Kisiis, Kalenjins and Luyhas and Police and citizens. Those who share borders or land in rural Kenya

It is argued by simpletons that Uhuru Ruto handshake in 2013 at Nakuru led to forgiveness and love between the two communities ..Kalenjins and Kikuyus. Not the whole country or all the 44 tribes in the country

The question that this school of thought has never attempted to answer is why attempts by Raila and Uhuru, whose communities engaged in slums killing is an athema and why they should not forgive each other through a handshake the miracle that the Ruto and Uhuru is .
Why some people think that they monopolise peace and handshakes is a big lie and selfish attempt to entrench separatism and marginalization of communities that are not in any of the handshakes.

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It has also not been explained that now Kalejins and Kikuyus forgave each other, whether Luos and Kikuyus forgave each other, whether Kalejins and Kisiis, Kalejins Luhya given that there was no formal transitional justice after 2007/2008 post elections violence .

We must stop living in the world of make believe and live the true life by embracing the truth. If a handshake between Ruto and Uhuru was the panacea to perennial post election violence, then the handshake of the other 40 communities should be encouraged unless the two communities claim to have the monopoly of peace in Kenya.



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