How Nairobi Robbers Stole Ksh3.5M From Bank [VIDEO]

Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.
  • Details have emerged of how four robbers managed to make away with Ksh3.5 million in a daylight robbery on Monday, January 18 along Mombasa road.

    The gang is said to have told security officers that they wanted to buy a freezer from a shop at the office complex.

    They would then get in and stay for around an hour before the bank van arrived to pick the day’s collection.

    Police officers and citizens pictured outside Kasarani Police Station.

    It is at this point that they made their first move by disarming the two police officers.

    The suspects ordered the security guards to leave their work stations as one of the robbers took the position of manning the gate.

    From an amateur video circulating online, the suspect manning the gate would be seen ushering in and out those who were accessing and leaving the premises.

    As he did this, his counterparts were inside the bank, asking the staff for money.

    Five minutes later, the suspect at the gate signaled his counterparts and they all came out, some holding the money stashed in bags.

    They would then cross the road and head towards Embakasi.

    The 1pm incident left a bank cashier injured with witnesses saying that he was hit with a gun.

    In a statement, DCI indicated that it had since recovered two firearms that were lost during the robbery.

    “The firearms were dropped by a motorbike pillion passenger outside Kiambu Hospital’s gate, shortly before the motorbike disappeared into darkness,” reads an excerpt of the statement.

    They suspect that the robbery could have been an inside job.



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