How Kenya allied union of food workers is siphoning money from its members, SCAM

How Kenya allied union of food workers is siphoning money from its members, SCAM

Dear Alai

Pursuant to the above matter, we are humbly requesting that you air out our greviances as the afflicted employees

The organization has always through it management bought the union official lead by Mr.peter Ngugi of kucfaw

Kenya allied union of food workers whom we are members have in the past benefited a lot from our payslips where they could always receive a deduction monthly.

In time of unfair/harassment of employees many of us have turned to the Atlowi’s union to help most of us who are vulnerable and unable to hire private lawyers to persue our matters.

In turned the union has always been bribed through its secretary peter Ngugi

Many employees have been on suspension for over 3years ,some terminated without a due process, some their verdicts have been sat on by the top management.

As things stand now many employees have sorted to seek a legal redress against such violations, the company has a myriads of cases filed against it by employees for mistreatment & violations of their constitutional rights.

You once highlighted the matter of unlawfully terminated employees three year down the line our cases are yet to be heard by management.

The management frustrated many of us who are professionals in the field and ended up dishing our positions to relatives n closed associate of the CEO in for a kickback in 2022 for a Belgut parliamentary seat.

We have suffered in a big way, president Uhuru needs to be aware of this. The level of nepotism, tribalism employees have witnessed in this organization is unbearable, we will challenge it in a court of law even if Kucfaw is bribed by kcc top management.

The professionals whom they replaced with guys who have no qualification have since then moved to competitors thus reducing the company’s market share by a bigger margin, currently, they seem to be struggling with sales right from 2017 when there was a mass exodus of most employees especially within sales and marketing department.

On behalf of employees who are traumatized, depressed, maimed with the turn of event you need to air out our grievances.

Finally, even the Hr Magdalene Muthoka has been a product of the employment & labour relations court who orchestrated her reinstatement at the organization back.

The same person has decided to frustrate other innocent employees with unprocedural suspension, hearings & termination.

How Kenya allied union of food workers is siphoning money from its members, SCAM


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