Househelp Who Stabbed Children in Nairobi Estate Arrested

The woman was arrested on March 13, 2021 while trying to flee to Uganda
  • Police on Saturday, March 13, arrested a house help who is accused of stabbing two children in Nairobi’s Greenfield estate after she was fired.

    The DCI took action after a video clip went viral with the children’s mother appealing for information that may lead to the perpetrator’s arrest.

    The woman was found trying to leave the country into Uganda and had managed to dodge detectives severally.

    She was, however, apprehended in Eldoret, as she tried to escape.

    The woman was arrested on March 13, 2021, while trying to flee to Uganda

    “She had booked herself into a Busia-bound bus, in the hope that she would finally sneak out of the country to a neighboring country, where she is believed to have some roots,” the DCI disclosed.

    The perpetrator was also found in possession of two Kenyan identification cards.

    It is alleged that she had been fired by her employer when she went back and assaulted the children in retaliation.

    The two minors; boys aged five and eleven are reported still in the hospital, nursing stab wounds, and other injuries inflicted by the woman.

    The videos and pictures of the assault were shared widely on social media depicting a young woman brutalizing minors belonging to her former employer.

    In an appeal by family and neighbours, they disclosed that she had threatened her employer after letting her go.

    The children were heavily bandaged as one was scheduled to undergo specialised treatment following the attack.

    She had reportedly worked for them for two years and was earning a salary of Ksh15,000.

    The family which was still in shock declined to speak about the incident but promised to speak about the incident at a later date.