Hospital Equipment Explodes Into Flames Inside Ward [VIDEO]

Workers of Kericho Nursing Home pose for a picture in front of the building.

A hospital is dealing with the after-effects of a fire after its equipment exploded inside one of its wards due to power surge.

Speaking to, the hospital’s deputy administrator, Daniel, revealed that the explosion which occurred at around 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 10, was caused by a power surge shortly electricity was restored.

The administrator further disclosed that property worth between Ksh15 million and Ksh20 million was destroyed but no casualties were reported.

The incident was caused by a short circuit of the UPS that supplies power to the CT Scan after the power was restored.


Workers of Kericho Nursing Home pose for a picture in front of the building.


In an official statement, the hospital expressed gratitude to the Kericho county government for acting swiftly to contain the fire.

“The fire has been contained and all patients, outpatients and staff were evacuated  and there were injuries. We thank God for his protection during trying moments.

“We appreciate the swift and Heroic response by the Kericho County Fire Department and their staff. We also like to thank the Kericho County Referral Hospital Health staff for the swift response and their assistance,” read the statement in part.

Some of the patients at the facility were transferred to Kericho County Referral Hospital on the evening of Tuesday after the fire subsided and normalcy resumed.

Short circuits are likely to cause fires when two bare wires touch or a circuit is overloaded when too much current flows causing heat build-up or the transmitter to break down.

To help mitigate the situation, scientists developed a fuse, also known as ‘circuit breaker’ to prevent accidental overloading of the circuits.

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