Hon. Mbadi spoiling the good name of ODM, poor infrastructure in Suba south

Hon. Mbadi spoiling the good name of ODM, poor infrastructure in Suba south

By Onyango ochieng jnr via fb

It’s official, JOHN MBADI is a TUMOR slowly poisoning the entire body ODM. If only his noisy mouth would match his development ‘record’ in Suba South!!!

By the way, he now wants to be Homabay governor, when the ONLY record he can boast of for his several years in parliament including now (when we are in bed with the govt) is a RECORD PLAYER.

Such political misfits and moral conmen should be banned from contesting in ODM. They don’t believe in ODM’s clarion call of “Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora” . To put it bluntly, Mbadi is actually in bed with Satan, implementing his destructive hell manifesto to torment citizens of Suba South. More reason he is dengerously condemning residents here to a baptism of scorpions.

This is why in Luoland, you will see the rise of independent MPs in parliament. Not because people hate Raila, but because the electoral thieving machine at OH, is foisting citizens to have a choice of electing a fraudster in the party they so so so like.

If this is the ODM national Chairman, then you wonder if he ever read the ODM manifesto or even believe in it in the first place. Then you still sit there and think IEBC is the main problem we face, no, we are sorounded by such deceitful gang of sadists as candidates.

In 2022, Suba South MUST redeem themselves even if it will mean electing an MP from Samaki Party of Kenya, as long as its not this vacuous crook.

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