Hon. Gedion MOI pleads with Kenyans to join KANU party

Hon. Gedion MOI pleads with Kenyans to join KANU party

On May 14th 1960, a progressive group that envisioned an independent, secure and united Kenya came together to form KANU. In marking 61 years today since its inception, KANU has witnessed the test of all times.

Over this period, the party has shaped the country’s historical moments and tremendously contributed to its growth and development.

Our resilience is partly due to the support Kenyans have accorded us, our ability to adapt to the fast changing political and socio-economic environment as well as embracing the reality of our time; harnessing the power of technology.

Founded on the ideals of Africans for Africa as a way of ensuring that even in the face of capital development we retain our basic elements of humanity, KANU greatly believes in pragmatic approach in solving the problems that affect the people.

It is for this reason that we emphasize the centrality of Devolution of resources and functions in enhancing the people’s aspirations for self-governance and participation in making decisions that have direct implications on their well-being.

Additionally, we believe in protecting and promoting local economies to spur local enterprise growth.

Using the available local resources, we have the capacity as a country to enhance our innovation; build strong industrial base; add value to our products; and create our own wealth to avoid over reliance on taxes and loans, thus the Local Content Bill.

Notably, we continue to open spaces for our women and young people within our party to take part in our activities and programs while fulfilling their civic duties as citizens.

Our partnership with various non-governmental organizations such as the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, The Oslo Center, National Democratic Institute and Center for Multiparty Democracy has opened a floodgate of opportunities for our young member to thrive in their political, social and even professional aspirations through mentorship and exchange programs.

Therefore, I appeal to the young people to join us today and be part of this fulfilling journey to a prosperous nation.

May God bless Kenya.

Hon. Gedion MOI pleads with Kenyans to join KANU party


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