Health Ministry Threatens to Alter Matatu Business

A photo of a pimped-out matatu pictured in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.
Ministry of Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Rashid Aman has warned hoteliers and players in the transport sector of stiffer directives after failing to adhere to the set guidelines.

Hotels were allowed to re-open their businesses but under strict guidelines following their closure as the government tried to combat the spread of Covid-19.

In the Ministry of Health’s daily briefings on Sunday, May 3, Aman regretted that some hotels were not adhering to the set directives and matatus were reveting to the status quo.

A photo of a pimped-out matatu pictured in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.


“We have noted with dismay the casual attitude with which some of our people are not observing these measures.

“We have observed that some eateries are not only operating without any regard to social distancing requirement but also deep into curfew hours.,” he stated.

Aman warned that with a continued violation of social-distacing rules in the matatu sector the government would be forced to reconsider existing directives. 

“The transport sector, particularly matatu and bodaboda operators, have also gone back to the old normal ways. There is public outcry that some hoteliers are unfortunately not observing the protocols that we have established.

“The government will assess and determine whether these measures can continue only to be reviewed if need be,” he warned. 

The CAS also appeal to hoteliers and the transport industry to abide by the containment measures already highlighted, failure to which would lead to a further spread of the disease that was on Sunday registered in the 16th county as cases rose to 465.

Aman announced that curfew offenders would no longer be held at existing government quarantine facilities, but rather would have specifically designated centres under the National Police Service.

This is after the National Emergency Response Committee directed the Inspector General of police to designate new isolation centres. 

He also fired a warning to mosques who opened their doors for night prayers, “We have also observed that some mosques have revised prayer time and are now opening for prayer at night.

“I must warn such religious leaders that this contravenes the directive that suspended all religious gatherings.

“They must stop this practice forthwith, failure to which legal action in accordance with the Public Health Act shall be taken against them,” noted Aman.

The Health Ministry had instructed matatus not to carry more than 60% of their capacity with 14-seater matatus carrying a maximum of 8 passengers. 

A public service vehicle carrying more than the required capacity.

A public service vehicle carrying more than the required capacity.


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