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Govt to Splash Ksh152 Million to Repair DP’s Home

Govt to Splash Ksh152 Million to Repair DP's Home

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  • DP Ruto’s official residence in Karen was built on a 10-acre parcel of land at a cost of Ksh450 million Twitter

  • The government is set to spend Ksh152 million to complete the renovations in deputy president’s second home in Mombasa before the next elections in 2022.

    Treasury has in the new budget allocated Ksh37.4 million for the refurbishment of the building next to the Mombasa State House.

    This is on top of the Ksh39 million allocated for the same in the current year ending in June and a budgeted Ksh76 million in two years preceding the 2022 General Election all totaling to Ksh152.4 million.

    The former PC’s residence at the coast to be renovated for the DP

    According to a report by Business Daily, the contractor is supposed to refurbish the house to a level that befits the status of the deputy president. The house is currently unoccupied.

    Proposed completion of the refurbishment works to the former PC’s home, Mombasa, for HE the Deputy President,” read a tender notice from the Office of the Deputy President.

    The taxpayers will also have to part with billions to built a second office for the DP in the coastal city.

    During an official tour to the Coast, the DP will then be required to reside in the official residence as opposed to staying in beach hotels as he has been doing in the past.

    The official Karen residence will also be renovated at a cost of Ksh15.6 million and the Harambee Avenue office will consume Ksh35 million.

    All this comes despite the fact that current Deputy President William Ruto has opted to use his private residence in Karen instead of the official residence that lies on a 10-acre piece of land in the same area.

    DP Ruto’s private residence in Karen Nairobi   ©     All Rights Reserved

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