Govt Officials Hospitalised After Youth Storm Office [VIDEO]

An image of a vandalized door
  • Chaos erupted at the Kisumu Public Service Board offices after a group of youth stormed and vandalised the premises on Monday, August 3, over employment.

    The group accused the board of bias in recruitment and protested the unfair hiring of village administrators and revenue officers.

    The irate youth stormed the offices, harassed staff in the premises and destroyed property of unknown value in the afternoon melee.

    A vandalized door to the office of Kisumu Public Service Board Chairman Babu Karan.

    The incident left Public Service Board Chairman Charles Babu Karan, and four others injured as they were rushed to hospital following the attack.

    In May the board’s Chairman, Karan had put on notice con men who were swindling prospective job recruits in the county.

    “Reports indicate that the said individuals have been asking candidates for amounts between Ksh10,000 and Ksh50,000 and even invoke the names of some board members.

    “The board warns the public against any form of fraud that is aimed at compromising the integrity of the Board’s county workers recruitment process,” he stated.

    According to reports, a political party branch chairman from the county mobilised youth to rough up Karan and his secretary over recruitment.

    Youth have been grappling with unemployment which has been worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic with some being pushed to crime.

    The government in a bid to cushion the youth launched the National Hygiene Program (NHP) dubbed Kazi Mtaani with President Uhuru Kenyatta announcing Ksh10 billion had been allocated for the project.

    The initiative has however been marred by issues with several youth from various parts of the country citing unfair recruitment and lack of pay.

    Watch Video Below:


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