Govt Official, Boyfriend & Son Found Murdered in Their Nairobi Home

A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
  • A female civil servant working for the Ministry of Interior Coordination, her son and boyfriend were found murdered in Jogoo Road Government Quarters buildings, Nairobi County on Tuesday, February 23.

    Neighbours indicated that they had not seen the trio leave their houses since Sunday, February 21.

    Police officers who were at the scene of the incident reported that the situation in the house showed a sign of struggle before the three lost their lives.

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

    The body of the woman and that of her son, were found decomposing in their bedroom while the boyfriend’s body was found in the bathroom with his legs and hands tied.

    The events unfolded after the boy’s school contacted his father and asked why the pupil had not reported on Monday.

    Bothered, he made calls to the mother but they went unanswered. It is then that he decided to visit the home and found the horrific scene.

    The civil servant is posted at the Mathare branch office of the Registrar of Persons which is under the Ministry of Interior Coordination. 

    Entrance to a Kenya police station.
    Entrance to a Kenya police station.

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