Govt Announces Changes in Nairobi BRT System

A Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) station under construction along Thika Road at Safari Park footbridge
  • The government has made changes in the rollout of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system which is set to transform the transport sector within Nairobi and its environs. 

    Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga revealed that the BRT system will be reserved for electric buses. 

    He added that electric buses are a cheaper alternative and would ultimately reduce the country’s carbon footprint. He noted that the project was making remarkable progress. 

    A Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) station under construction along Thika Road at Safari Park footbridge

    “We are making good progress. The fabrication of stations is ongoing, and park and ride facilities, bus depots, a command centre are all under construction. 

    “The electric buses will be procured via public-private partnership (PPP),” he affirmed.

    Further, he pointed out that the BRT stations would be linked to footbridges to enable ease of access for passengers. 

    “The stations have taken care of everyone. There is a ramp to get to the top of the footbridge and a special lift to take wheelchairs down or up the station. In other words, there is universal access,” Hinga stated.

    According to the PS, features of the project such as the park and ride facility will allow for motorists to leave their vehicles at a parking lot in Kasarani and take the BRT buses to their intended destination.

    Recently, the government released the schedule for the BRT system. This will see the electric buses ply five routes in order to transport commuters from the CBD to various estates once the project is completed. 

    The routes include Ndovu line, Simba Line, Chui line, Kifaru line and Nyati line.

    The BRT system is part of the government’s plans to ease traffic flow within the CBD. Other plans involve the construction of matatu termini to enable Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) pick up and drop off passengers outside the CBD.

    These termini incude Green park, Desai Park, Fig Tree at Ngara, Park road, Muthurwa, Workshop road and Bunyala road.

    BRT buses pictured in Nairobi.
    BRT buses pictured in Nairobi.

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