Governor Obado’s problems has nothing to do with Raila or ODM, it is everything with….

Governor Obado’s problems has nothing to do with Raila or ODM, it is everything with….

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr via FB

I have avoided this topic of OBADO like plague, like that evil disease that nobody ever wants to mention. However, the reckless dragging of Raila into this mess by unsophisticated mob of hate-filled cyber mujahideen has finally gotten my attention.

Fellow countrymen, Raila has nothing to do with this. He is innocent as a lamb. Absolutely!
The oomph deployed against OBADO also has nothing to do with corruption too. If anything, Mbadi is the ODM Chairman, from Homabay; a county where everything is MALfunctioning and those that accidentally work, do so through the ignorance of the devil.

HBC is looted more than the nation of Mali. If it was to be a country; it would be MALI.
Think am lying! Check out all the Auditor-General, EACC & Senate’s CCPAI Reports from 2014 to the most current. It paints HBC county as a den of unarmed robbers. You even remember the 600 BILLION AgriCity investment HOAX, where HBC illegally spent 200 MILLION as a “gift” on some washed-out Albino conmen picked from Acra road, dressed up, and coached on investor diction. EACC raised a red flag, but for their laziness.

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Mbadi is also an MP, who sits in Parliament which mutilated, and diluted Chapter SIX to a point that you can ONLY vacate OFFICE once you have literally exhausted ALL legal/appeal options. This is the reason Waititu was kicked out. He lost his last appeal. This is also why the Samburu governor, Waiguru, CS Matiang’ i, and many others are still in office.
Now, the problems of Obado are political and the loud push to have him go has everything to do with THREE things:

1. Post-Raila political succession in South Nyanza. Politics is a long game friends. Mbadi is establishing his own kingdom down there (Migori + HBC). This sibling rivalry will get bloody, and nasty. We yet to see the worst of it.

2. Post-Referendum Regional Govts, where assuming Homabay, Kisii, Nyamira, and Migori are fused into a region, should Obado vie for Regional Governor, he will win with a LANDSLIDE. He is therefore an enemy. A serious threat to future ambitions!

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3. This is PAINFUL. Have you noticed everyone around Raila suddenly wants to be a governor? They are either giving up on his presidency, or they simply want to be their own “presidents”.
This is why Mbadi will never complain about Awiti because he wants to be a governor in 2022. Yet Awiti comes from the largest clan, Rachuonyo. Mbadi is from Suba, a Ugandan subtribe of Baganda (Ganda) that migrated in Luoland in 1535 & got assimilated. Today they are LUOS. That way, Mbadi is feeding this crocodile of corruption in HBC hoping it eats him LAST.

Yet again, as party Chairman, Mbadi cant call for impeachment of Joho, Kingi, Ojamoong, etc despite several corruption cases at EACC because it doesn’t add any row of beans on his political plate of South Nyanza.

Will the impeachment succeed? NO. But even if it did, it will be purely academic like the recent one against Waiguru where she was summoned to Senate to Facebook using FREE Wi-Fi.
Wambora was impeached by both C.Assembly & Senate, he finished his first term on the power of a court ruling. He is there today through another court ruling.
Still on Waiguru’s GUIDEBOOK to Defeating Impeachment. I am shocked Migori County Assembly has not been closed indefinitely to allow fumigation. This is a serious error of judgment from Obado.
Politics is not a Sunday Service.

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Governor Obado’s problems has nothing to do with Raila or ODM, it is everything with….


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