Government Spokesperson Announces Return of Weekly Press Briefings

Government Spokesperson Announces Return of Weekly Press Briefings

Newly appointed National Government Spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna on Thursday announced the return of the weekly press briefing to bring Kenyans up to date with the government’s activities. 

Speaking at in his new office at Teleposta Towers, Nairobi, he announced that every Thursday, Kenyans should expect to hear information regarding the progress of the government’s programs and projects. 

“My plan is to have a press conference every Thursday and this is the first one. Any changes will be made in accordance with prevailing circumstances,” Oguna disclosed.

Government Spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna speaking at Teleposta Towers on 16/05/19

He also guided members of the fourth estate on the proper way to address him, Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna, as he was now retired from the armed forces which are very particular about how ranks are used. 

Oguna took up his new role with an open door policy that focuses more on dialogue as opposed to a one-directional communication channel.

A representative from the Spokesperson’s office told that one of the changes is that the National Government Communication center that was housed in the Ministry of Interior would now be domiciled at the ICT Ministry located at Teleposta Towers along Kenyatta Avenue.

To serve Kenyans better, he vowed to share accurate information promptly on all matters pertaining to the national government. 

He asked journalists to consider his office as the first point of call for information on stories about the government that they intend to work on. 

“What we know, you shall know… We purpose therefore to be present prompt and comprehensive with strict fidelity to facts and not opinions,” Oguna told reporters. 

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In his inaugural speech, Oguna chose to talk about the growing digital economy that Kenya is banking on to drive innovation and competitiveness globally. 

He told Kenyans that on Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched Africa’s Digital Economy Blueprint in Rwanda that was based on Kenya’s own. 

Government Spokesperson Col (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna holding Kenya’s Digital Economy Blueprint while speaking at Teleposta Towers on 16/05/19


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