Gov. Sonko complains against sharing 2 latrines with over 7000 inmates

Gov. Sonko complains against sharing 2 latrines with over 7000 inmates

Imagine from sleeping on satin beddings from a specific luxury brand to sharing a narrow mattress with bugs and mosquitoes

That is what has befallen beleaguered former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko after the State went against Court orders of detaining him at Gigiri police cells and instead sent him to the dreaded Kamiti prison

See, Sonko is not new to the life of being a convict- he served time but got out after allegedly lying about his medical records

But he was a hardcore then who had not yet been inured to the flamboyant life his post -prison political life and dealings were able to accord him. It is definitely going to be a new experience for him

He started his convict life at Shimo la Tewa following fake land deals and he says that is where he honed his leadership skills supervising how porridge and beans were distributed.

“I later went to Industrial area prison where I was the leader of C block. Even the prison commandants are listening right now.

“Then I went to Kamiti Prison where I was the leader of C or D block where I was remanded.”

But what do you know about the Kamiti?

Speaking during an interview, with NTV’s Dr. King’ori Eric Ochere, a comedian who goes by the stage name of Ndrendende, said in Kamiti, even food is not guaranteed to any inmate.

Ndrendende humorously referred to prison food service as ‘Peter Wesonga’ which rhymes with ‘Pita We Songa’ (Pass, Move). The name is coined from the utterances of the cooks who basically tell everyone, to ‘pita wewe, songa wewe,’ whether they have put food on your plate or not

“Kukula si ati ni kama haki yako. Lazima ufighitie uordinary (Eating is not like your right. You have to fight for it),” Ndrendende narrated, he is quoted by Business Today

While narrating his prison experience, Ndrendende said that in Kamiti Maximum Prison where he served time there are only two open-air pit latrines.

He stressed that it is not easy to access the toilets as the two are shared by over 7,000 inmates.

And no, they are not always left open. They are only opened during mealtime; thence, the queue outside the toilets is still the same queue for food such that after using the toilet, you quickly dash to the food queue.

Homosexuality and sodomy is the norm- whenever a new inmate is admitted, the regulars lock horns bidding on preferred new inmates as they battle to share a room with them.

Ghetto radio presenter Nicholas Cheruiyot alias King Kafu who also spent some time behind bars said he was mostly amazed by how homosexuality is normal in prison.

“Watu wanaoana wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Unaona vitu zile hufanyika kama couples kupigana? zinahappen huko ndani. Mtu anapigania dem yake na saa hiyo dem yake ni chali (Inmates marry one another. The relationship issues couples face out here is just about what happens in prison. You fight for your male girlfriend),” King Kafu narrated

Gov. Sonko complains against sharing 2 latrines with over 7000 inmates


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