Gov. Joho to run for presidency in 2022

Gov. Joho to run for presidency in 2022


A week after declaring that he will be going for Presidency Sultan Joho has left his opponent confused and in a dire panic state, this declaration has been received well by his people, this has made the Fake Hustler and his team to make an impromptu tour of the region in a bid to quench the political flames caused by Joho presidency bid declaration.

Over years, since the untimely demise of Karisa Maitha, the entire Coast region has lacked a political leader who can anchor them to Canaan, many leaders has arose but only Joho has caught the attention and respect of many.

This region over years has suffered under development and poverty. On Monday Joho and Kilifi governor Amason Kingi held a private consultative meeting with Coast leaders in Mombasa, where several speakers rallied and called on the coast people to remain united behind their own thus 2022 is their year of reclaiming their lost glory that once shined in the early 1960’s via Ronald Katana Ngala.

Many speakers also welcomed Joho’s bid and termed it as an act of braveness and apt to free Coast people from the cruel hands of the status quo mandarins. It high time all Coast people unite for a common purpose, purpose been the Presidency and advocate for one of their own son to raise their flag higher in 2022 general election.

Majority of Coasterians sees him as their only hope after the death of Karisa Maitha who also rose to occasion but died untimely.
According to synovate research firm, Sultan Joho is an epic politician, among the top 5 most influential politician in Kenya, pitting Baba, President Uhuru and William Ruto. His political acumen is currently passing through what political schoolars call ‘marginal increasing influence’ his charisma is avid and extra ordinary. Only political fools can take his dream of Presidency as a Joke.

Many who have seen his shinning political star are already knocking his door for possible alliance e.g Hon. Mudavadi and Hon. Gedion whilst COTU SG Mr. Atwoli has severally hinted of talking to Joho to join his plan of making a strong coalition ready to take up the leadership of this country.

No other coastal leader has been engaged to this level, even those in the Ruto sides are just spectators and cheer leaders but they are not in the table,it’s only Joho whose names has popped up in many political arithmetic table.It’s time the Coastal counties and people stick to their own as 2022 political tune gains momentum

By Baraka

Gov. Joho to run for presidency in 2022


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