Goons Attack Speaker’s House Ahead of Obado’s Impeachment

Migori County Assembly Boaz Okoth addressing the press in 2017.
  • Migori speaker Boaz Okoth has claimed that goons attacked his home in Nyikendo village ahead of an impeachment motion scheduled for Wednesday, September 9.

    Speaking to the media outside the Migori Police Station, Okoth indicated that he had only learnt of the incident in the morning, having not spent the night at the house.

    In addition, Okoth, who has since recorded a statement with the police, lamented that his bodyguard had been withdrawn.

    “My life is in danger and I have recorded a statement so as to understand why my bodyguard was withdrawn,” Okoth stated.

    Migori County Assembly Boaz Okoth addressing the press in 2017.
    The Standard

    The tabling the intended impeachment motion against Migori Governor Okoth Obado, which was supposed to take place at 9:30 am, did not take place for the second time.

    The Assembly is, however, expected to convene later in the day.

    On Tuesday, September 8, all the 55 members of the county assembly had turned up for the sitting after going on reccess for a month.

    While dismissing the Assembly, the speaker indicated that the motion could be tabled in cognizant of COVID-19 guideliness of social distancing.

    “I must get modalities of how we would sit if all members would want to be together at the same time,†the Speaker stated.

    It is not the first time Boaz alleged being attacked. On Saturday, September 5, Boaz alleged that goons from the ODM party had attacked him while in a hotel room.

    “I was attacked yesterday and in the presence of ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and whoever was attacked my bodyguard was his brother.

    “I am not sure why they attacked me. I think they thought I was with some MCAs at the hotel. My life is in danger,” he stated.

    An image of Sifuna
    ODM party Secretary General Edwin Sifuna speaking at a past event.

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