God Told Me Coronavirus is Not Real – Meru Pastor [VIDEO]

Jesus Winner Ministry pastor Nathan Kirimi during a press conference on Wednesday, March 18.
A Meru-based pastor by the name Nathan Kirimi has angered a section of Kenyans after he stated that the spread of Coronavirus was a hoax.

Through a press conference, the Jesus Winner Ministries pastor stated that God had revealed to him that Covid-19 was not real.

“The Lord has told me that there is no disease like Coronavirus,” he stated.

Jesus Winner Ministry pastor Nathan Kirimi during a press conference on Wednesday, March 18.

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Kirimi further stated the disease was a test and God wanted to know his true followers and those who truly believed in him.

“If indeed there is such a disease, then, I should be taken where I can contract it and if I get it, then, you should know that there is no prophet in Kenya,” he concluded.

The pastor further stated that he would not close his church despite the outbreak.

His remarks were not taken well by a section of Kenyans.

“He should be behind bars by now. How can he mislead people in the name of God?” Cate Mugambi questioned.

“Seriously, did he forget he is an influential leader to his followers,” Catherine Mbaya wondered.

“I respect men of cloth but this one should be charged for this,” Salesio stated.

During a press briefing on Thursday, March 19, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe asked journalists to continue educating the public on the effects of the disease.

“I urge you to continue to educate and affirm that this situation is real. It cannot be unreal in Kenya while it is real in Italy, China, United States and Spain.

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“Coronavirus is not something to joke with. Sometimes we get baffled by some of the reactions we are getting. Please, let’s take this matter seriously,” Mutahi stated.

In a Cabinet meeting chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House on Thursday, March 19, he directed law enforcement agencies to arrest individuals spreading false information about the pandemic.

Additionally, the media was congratulated during the meeting for relaying correct information and creating awareness.

Further, the Cabinet praised media outlets for airing educational programs for school children.

As part of the efforts by the government to protect Kenyans from exploitation by wayward traders, the Cabinet directed security and consumer protection agencies to intensify the ongoing crackdown on businesses that are taking advantage of the Coronavirus outbreak to hoard or hike commodity prices.

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