Glimpse of Aisha Jumwa’s Palatial Mansion


Aisha Jumwa is one of the most vocal Coast leaders and a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto.

The Malindi MP is known for her simplicity and her love for the Swahili Dera as well as her hard stances. 

Back at her Malindi home, the legislator lives a life befitting a queen.

A glimpse of her house was captured in a video she recorded while wishing Kenyans a Merry Christmas in December 2019.

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa descends the stairs at her house.

Jumwa’s house is a one storey building and inside it, one first notices her large portrait hanging on the wall, along the stairs leading to the first floor.

The house is spacious with an expansive living room with a large TV set and the decor that can be described as glamorous.

Jumwa’s safe haven also boasts maroon leather seats laced with a golden colour. 

Opposite the living room is a bedroom that houses a king-sized bed, painted with what seems to be Jumwa’s favourite colours, maroon and gold. 

The walls are a work of art, carefully painted in appealing colours, ranging from cream to white.

Outside the house, one gets a rare glimpse of how expansive it is as well as its tinted windows. It’s also surrounded by a green lawn and a tarmac road.

From the video, one can notice a black Range Rover parked at right end of the house. 

From time to time, Jumwa spares her time to weed and water the flowers outside her house. 

Among the trees in her compound are palm trees, which were planted in a symmetrical pattern.

Aisha Jumwa stands outside her palatial house
Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa stands outside her palatial house


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