Former MP Pollyins Ochieng accepts involving witchcraft in getting wealth

Former MP Pollyins Ochieng accepts involving witchcraft in getting wealth

Former Nyakach MP Pollyins Ochieng resolved to seek divine intervention after losing a significant amount of his wealth.

In a video that went viral online, the MP was seen in a prayer session that happened at Kakande Ministries Church in Uganda on Sunday, October 6, accompanied by his wife.

His wife, Gorety Auma, had earlier visited the church led by the self-proclaimed prophet Samuel Kakande and revealed that her husband was going through a rough patch.

Auma narrated that Ochieng had a sharp pain that was disturbing him as she carried his photo and gave it to prophet Kakande for prayers.

“Man of God, I will bring him here because whatever you have revealed about him is actually true,” Auma affirmed while seated barefoot on a plastic chair.

In the video, the preacher ‘prophesied’ that the MP had lost property including houses, 10 trucks and other vehicles over time.

“You should bring him for prayers here,” Kakande requested as he placed his hand on her head and said a prayer as she clutched the former legislator’s photo.

The MP was then invited to the church where he admitted that everything ‘prophesied’ by the pastor about his health and property was true.

“My name is Pollyins Ochieng. I was once an MP in Kisumu, Kenya where I served for one term,” the MP introduced himself.

He continued by saying he had seen the initial video and after consultation, he decided to go to the church because he believed in the pastor.

“I lost a house worth Ksh20 million, 10 trucks and a Toyota Prado. I also had a sharp pain in my back,” Ochieng offered.

Ochieng, in a grey suit, was brought before the congregation as pastor Kakande laid hands on his back, an action that was supposed to heal the pain.

After prayers, a jovial Ochieng was seen jumping around the church, an indication that he had been healed.

Pastor Kakande then made more ‘prophecies’ on projects the former MP would be getting and how his life was going to turn around in the near future.

Ochieng was the MP for Nyakach from 2007 to 2013.

Source: kenyagist.COM


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