Form 3 Student Commits Suicide After Suspension

Apparent suicide incident
  • A form three student at Stephen Kanja Secondary committed suicide after he was punished with an academic suspension. 

    Alice Mueni, the student’s grandmother, said found the body of her grandson hanging from the roof moments after he came back from school.

    The student had been sent on academic suspension allegedly for causing a disturbance during a prayer session that was held in school.

    “He told me that he had been sent away from school because he was fighting with another student during school prayers and had been told to go back on Monday in the company of his guardian,†said Mueni.

    Apparent suicide incident
    The Standard

    The family of the deceased insists that the school should have been handled the matter differently.

    Following the student’s death, riots broke out at the school as his schoolmates vandalized property of unknown value.

    The students went on a rampage as they demanded justice following the death of their colleague.

    The school was shut down indefinitely as investigations into the matter commenced.

    Earlier in the week, a 12- year-old succumbed to her injuries after a teacher allegedly canned her on the head.

    Mary Wambui returned home from school with a headache then the mother rushed her to the hospital for evaluation.

    Hospital records indicated that she suffered blunt force trauma to the head confirming the allegations made by her classmates that the teacher canned Mary on her head as she was fetching water.

    Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education, George Magoha, had proposed the return of corporal punishment which The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) opposed fiercely.

    “We are not going to accept the return of corporal punishment where teachers can put in conflict to tame learners, what will happen if it will be returned, let a police officer be posted to every school to caning the learners. It will be dangerous particularly on teenagers,†said KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion.

    KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion addresses journalists in Nairobi on May, 16 2019
    KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion addresses journalists in Nairobi on May, 16 2019

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